Imbecility In A Sentence

Definition of Imbecility

The quality of being imbecile; weakness; feebleness, especially of mind. | Something imbecilic; a stupid action, behaviour, etc.

How To Use Imbecility In A Sentence?

  • To suppose they do is to suppose a case of imbecility that even a lunatic must laugh to scorn.
  • I think you may imagine what kind of flowing 6/8 time of the last degree of imbecility it is.
  • With imbecility and credulity on the throne, corruption continues to prevail among high and low.
  • She had, however, not yet reached the stage of imbecility which her Yammakka sister had attained.
  • The power of this ruffian is a standing proof of the imbecility of the Turkish Government.
  • The imbecility and feebleness of mind resulting from extreme old age is another cause of testamentary incapacity.
  • What fretted her so, what was wearing her down to the point of fatigue, was the patent imbecility of her reluctance.
  • He is better content to want diligence than power, and sooner confesses the depravity of his will than the imbecility of his nature.
  • I dimly recognise this great truth, and hence hold more to a present imbecility than to a too eager efficiency.
  • It was absurd to prolong it; but to leave the house with my errand unexecuted would argue imbecility and folly.
  • But as dotage signifies imbecility of mind, this subject will be more properly considered under the head of intellectual qualifications.
  • Peradventure, it was the mate-boy of the cook who is of an imbecility past understanding, owing to his extreme youth.
  • Dotage, or the mental imbecility produced by excessive old age, is also a disqualification for admission.
  • The most prejudiced, on perusing the work, must be convinced of its imbecility as a satire, and its insipidity as a poem.
  • Riccabocca, the wiliest and most relentless of men in his maxims, melted into absolute uxorial imbecility at the sight of that mute distress.
  • It was now determined to wait the probable effect of the summer heats in relieving the Colonel from the imbecility of extreme decrepitude.
  • But now I saw the full misery and imbecility of leaving a large body to decide what should have been delegated to a quorum of three at the most.
  • The effect produced by the Revolution upon their simple souls is easy to imagine; it produced a temporary imbecility not natural to them.
  • But this is what Mr. Stephen, with the solemn imbecility of his school, is quite incapable of seeing.
  • The number who by reason of the same indulgence have brought on a degree of imbecility that may ultimately land them in the asylum or in the penitentiary cannot be reduced to an exact estimate.
  • The use of such tests in discovering such departures and variants as idiocy, imbecility and general stupidity has been amply justified by experience with them.
  • Whatever might have been the original character of these unlucky phrases, they are now associated with nothing but ideas of schoolboy imbecility and vulgar affectation.
  • One needs but recall the admirable intellectual work of women to-day to wonder at the imbecility of those who assert that women are intellectually the inferiors of men.
  • This is the history of by far the largest majority of those sudden deaths due to cerebral hemorrhage, and also the history of most of the cases of imbecility with the overweights.
  • This is the reason of the frequency of nervous disease and imbecility among the opulent, as intermarriages among near relations are more frequent with this class than among the poor.
  • They had grown to like him, to accept him as almost one of themselves; though of course they looked down upon him with amused pity for his imbecility regarding his paintings.
  • It is the final sign of imbecility in a people that it calls cats dogs and describes the sun as the moon—and is very particular about the preciseness of these pseudonyms.
  • The ignorance and barbarism of former ages, it is said, furnish an awful intimation of the imbecility of our mental powers and the hopeless condition of the human race.
  • Clara had her familiar part; it was a poor one from every point of view, and the imbecility of the words she had to speak affected her to-night with exceptional irritation.
  • The high and noble talents that characterized their progenitors are not seen, but there is now exhibited, among their descendants, imbecility and the most revolting forms of nervous disease.
  • To quote his own words, he became rampant with the fresh air, and was reduced to imbecility at the very moment when he specially needed strength, patience and recollection.
  • Some of us realized their importance, not so much in arriving at a correct decision on the questions at issue, as in preventing mental stagnation likely to result in imbecility if not actual idiocy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imbecility | Imbecility Sentence

  • This imbecility could not last long.
  • For his was not an imbecility either hereditary or constitutional.
  • Nothing but imbecility or treachery could have controlled his conduct.
  • Men were straining the vocabulary of imbecility to coin phrases for her.
  • I thought with indignation and shame on the imbecility of my proceeding.
  • Dramatically, I confess to some impatience over the imbecility of the girl.
  • You see, I had reached the stage of imbecility when I was talking to myself.

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