Imbibing In A Sentence

How To Use Imbibing In A Sentence?

  • She had given her word to abstain from further imbibing until after the funeral.
  • She herself felt all the joy of a woman of the world imbibing a new experience.
  • I had forgotten about my thirst, imbibing from this fount of poetic inspiration.
  • Perhaps Miss Sinclair will come with me, so that you can have the imbibing time all to yourself.
  • The result of our imbibing was that Jacobs clapped Number One on the shoulder.
  • The teacher should guard against unnecessarily imbibing those faulty mental habits, to which his station and employment expose him.
  • Sand-flies in legions now beset me, and the earth, which had been imbibing heat all day, radiated it far into the morning.
  • Monsieur Tudesco, who at the moment was imbibing a glass of kuemmel, pointed to his waistcoat of ticking.
  • Mulligan was not my driver on the trip, but Casey, who had been imbibing rather freely at the corner place of refreshment during the wait.
  • All had been well, but one of the imbibing pair fronting the bar chanced to turn, eyeing Micky squarely.
  • Only Billy's bachelor's-buttons stood up stiff and sturdy, slightly flushed with imbibing the night dew.
  • Inclined to French ideas, he had been for several years previous to the founding of our Constitution imbibing their extreme doctrines.
  • The least reflective of mortals cannot pass through a dreary and poverty-stricken district without imbibing some of the melancholy which broods over the place.
  • When little or no food is taken into the stomach, life is supported by the lymphatic vessels and veins imbibing the fat and reconveying it into the blood vessels.
  • The polling day was made the occasion of a public holiday, which meant that the bulk of the population was imbibing a great deal more than was compatible with the laws of equilibrium.
  • There are also others, heavy-looking colonials, who have come out evidently to make a day of it, and are already freely imbibing cold brandy and water.
  • But, for fear of imbibing the "Protestant godless spirit," as my mother called it, I was given only a reader and speller.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imbibing | Imbibing Sentence

  • I am imbibing New York.
  • In partaking of soup, or imbibing any liquid, do so noiselessly.

Definition of Imbibing

present participle of imbibe | The act by which something is imbibed.
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