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  • He was no doubt imbued with the prejudices of his caste.
  • He had apparently imbued the others with his own spirit.
  • He seemed entirely imbued by its spirit.
  • Miss Cityswell was naturally imbued with these notions.
  • Their minds must be imbued with the knowledge of the four great truths.
  • The more people were imbued with the new spirit, the more they loved pageants.
  • It had humility and courage too; it was imbued with a spirit strong and calm.
  • She had become imbued with Mrs. Vyvian's noble thoughts and ideas.

How To Use Imbued In A Sentence?

  • It is hard to understand men so imbued with prejudice and yet mixing with the world.
  • The public mind, until recently, was imbued with the fallacy that the disease was hereditary.
  • I believe we are just as imbued with the spirit as Germany is, but we want it evoked.
  • In other words, he is imbued in one mood with self-love, in another with self-hate.
  • A normal woman, who has not become imbued with false ideas and fear, desires children.
  • It might be mentioned here that when the actor puts on the mask he is supposed to become imbued with the spirit of the being represented.
  • And many are the places therein which even to this day bear witness to his miracles and are imbued with his sanctity.
  • They become so imbued with the spirit of economy that they deny themselves the little pleasures that would make life enjoyable.
  • The atmosphere of the office was festal that day, imbued with the smell of fresh varnish and new rugs.
  • He must have been imbued from the earliest days of his elementary education with the notions generally taught, viz.
  • It must be remembered that they were mostly young men in the full vigor of youth and thoroughly imbued with the adventurous spirit.
  • His men were all hardy frontiersmen; their leader had imbued them with his own heroic spirit; they feared no danger.
  • Library extension is imbued with optimism; its broadening field is educational, sociological, recreative.
  • One of these, the smaller, got about on all fours with astonishing rapidity, and seemed imbued with the spirit of investigation.
  • Otherwise such an account would have produced on a man imbued with Roman prejudices no other impression but that of aversion and disgust.
  • They are calm, they are thoughtful, they are economical, and above all else, they are imbued with an ardent love of liberty.
  • This, of course, might just as well have been in early spring; but everything else was deeply imbued with the sentiment of the later year.
  • All England, with the very small exception of those who united the possession of learning with common sense, was imbued with the frenzy.
  • Unquestionably his late adviser, Hammerfeldt, had imbued him with some notions as to his position which it is hardly unjust to call mediƦval.
  • Lord Coke was, himself, deeply imbued with the love of his profession, and he is able to transfuse his own spirit into his readers.
  • Some of them were friends of Roosevelt, members of his "tennis cabinet," and were thoroughly imbued with his spirit and ideals.
  • Ever since their first enlistment Hal and Noll had been imbued with the ambition to rise from the ranks, and become officers.
  • Granting that nature has not endowed man with rights, it has imbued him with a belief that he has rights, and also with a disposition to defend them.
  • Hence it is of the utmost importance that those who are to become the future translators of ideals into action shall be imbued with right principles of life and of human relations.
  • The only way in which he could explain the metamorphosis was that the guests were imbued with the spirit of discontent that prevailed throughout the world in the years following the war.
  • The temper of the public mind became imbued with that sullenness which a sense of injury begets, and which forebodes the approach of civil commotion.
  • From the anti-slavery people in private life she had learned some of the noblest lessons of freedom and justice, and had become imbued with their sentiments.
  • He was a stranger, from Lower Carmody, and so was not imbued with any preconceptions of Meredith superiority.
  • The investors of Europe proved no keener than those of America, and the inventor returned without funds, but imbued with increased patriotism.
  • He became more and more imbued with the materialistic philosophy which was accepted by a certain section of the men there; indeed, he became their leader and spokesman.
  • Once let the minds even of a few men be imbued with an ampler view of this relation, and it is scarcely possible to estimate the good that may follow.
  • He seems to have moulded and shaped himself to his own whims, till a sort of rough affectation has become thoroughly imbued throughout a kindly nature.

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simple past tense and past participle of imbue
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