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  • Well for you that you do not imitate him!
  • Why should you imitate them?
  • He used to imitate the deer and the elk.
  • Tried to imitate sound of steam of locomotive (142).
  • The best I can do is to imitate the bear.
  • For he who would imitate you would surely know you and your figure?
  • We no longer imitate the ancients; we only imitate each other.
  • He showed a real aptitude to imitate what he saw being done.
  • None imitate so closely as this, the plainest in its personal appearance.
  • He can't even imitate my way of reading it.
  • It was acknowledged on all hands that the Pawnees could imitate wolves best.
  • Carefully printed on paper to imitate the Original, 22 in.
  • But," said one of the females, "why did she not imitate her fickle lover?
  • Well, at any rate, he doesn't try to imitate Paderewski.
  • The moment I imitate the man with the German accent she begins to cry.
  • Beautifully printed on paper to imitate the Original MS.
  • Insect parasites often imitate their host: Apathus (Plate I, Fig.

How To Use Imitate In A Sentence?

  • The men in our navy are burning to imitate the deeds of their comrades on land.
  • The young speaker particularly should be warned not to imitate the speaking style of others.
  • It would be more healthy for the young, if they would imitate this talented surgeon.
  • Children always imitate what they see in their mothers, whether it is good or bad.
  • Tartlet could not make up his mind to imitate him, and contented himself with the shell-fish.
  • I have to imitate the notes of birds, and he does it after me, showing memory in it.
  • But it does not behoove us to imitate such instances, much less to establish them as a right.
  • How is it that girls delight in stable-talk, and imitate men in their dress and manners?
  • Gesture and the dance are fine arts, and they can imitate almost any action without words.
  • In the early Norman period, the poets of Ireland might well have begun to imitate Romance models.
  • Through having the words frequently pronounced on purpose for him to imitate with the utmost attention.
  • When traveling by rail the child tried several times to imitate the hissing of the steam of the locomotive.
  • For his countenance was like that of one awaking from sleep, and he could not now be induced to imitate sounds.
  • Then we would imitate those animal murderers, by catching some fish which we broiled to satisfy our carnivorous appetites.
  • Besides this, the savages imitate the cries and calls of the birds, so as to entice them to the dangerous part of the lake.
  • Over and over again the same air is repeated, until, one by one, the birds begin to imitate what they hear.
  • They imitate the pack pulling down a deer, and the din caused by their jumping and howling around her shrinking form is terrific.
  • Yasmini stepped very reverently to a cushion by the crystal in the middle, and signed to King to imitate her.
  • But the Lord has given grace to many of my handmaids, for they zealously imitate him as far as they are able.
  • Of the whole of his suite only two dared to imitate him, the stately Amazon and the gentle stripling.
  • There was once a young boy, who, when he was playing with his fellows, used often to imitate the ways of a bear, and to pretend that he was one.
  • This was complied with, and in the pride of success, Boswell attempted to imitate some other animals, but with less success.
  • They planted Britain, and gave to the seas and mountains names which are poems, and imitate the pure voices of nature.

Definition of Imitate

To follow as a model or a pattern; to make a copy, counterpart or semblance of.
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