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  • You forget the immaturity of your age.
  • Not in the physical and mental immaturity of early youth.

How To Use Immaturity In A Sentence?

  • It is with the financial reason for prolonged immaturity just as it is with the mental.
  • This is the period when childhood passes from immaturity of the sexual functions to maturity.
  • Whatever lack of merit her collection of essays and poems reveals, may be charged to the paucity and immaturity of the material in her hands.
  • Both kinds of immaturity last longest among the boys and girls who come from that large section of society which is neither rich nor poor.
  • It is rather in the more serious or ambitious parts that we find now and then a pre-Shakespearean immaturity of manner.
  • Jahn regards this Satire as the earliest of the six, and it certainly shows even greater immaturity than the others.
  • The chick will have its full plumage in ten weeks, but mentally it is far below a dog or a monkey, whose period of immaturity is much longer.
  • Annette was twenty-one, but she looked much younger, owing to a certain slowness of development, an immaturity of mind and body.
  • The immaturity of her body showed through her extreme clothes, and even her sharp, painted little face was immature, for all its bold nonchalance.
  • It is precisely on this account that the period of immaturity in the human species is so long protracted in comparison with that of the inferior animals.
  • He therefore considered it to be a duty to submit his opinions to the examination of others, even in their present state of immaturity and imperfection.
  • The perverse nature of some of these goals is the result of the constitutional immaturity of the child, who has not yet discovered the goal of the act of copulation.
  • Hence I might infer the childlike immaturity of my understanding, and the rapid progress I was still capable of making.
  • The expression will often be broken and faulty, partly because of the immaturity of the pupil, and partly because of the newness and difficulty of the theme.
  • In regard to the various questions in your last letter; because of the difficult conditions under which you are serving there and the state of the country and immaturity of the believers you should not be too rigid.
  • What they mean is the natural immaturity of their children, a condition of imperfection in which they may rejoice, as it shows the possibility of development.

Definition of Immaturity

Youth; the condition of being immature or not fully grown
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