Immediate And In A Sentence

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  • It was immediate and disastrous.
  • Its effects were immediate and disastrous.
  • Its influence was immediate and potential.
  • The result was immediate and startling.
  • Her success was immediate and very great.
  • Obligation is always immediate and manifest.
  • Press coverage was immediate and intense.
  • Its issues were immediate and urgent.
  • Its success was immediate and astonishing.
  • Its immediate and ultimate effects are advantageous.
  • Its great object is immediate and prospective happiness.
  • Blows have their consequences, immediate and remote.
  • The exigency demanded immediate and drastic action.
  • He was to have an immediate and almost terrifying reminder of it.
  • As a rule the effect is immediate and the fever does not recur.
  • You regretted the evil because of its immediate and disagreeable consequences.
  • She was not entitled to immediate and complete relief from suspense.
  • Your country will derive from this a more immediate and sensible benefit.
  • It imperatively demands his immediate and earnest consideration.
  • Its influence on thought and life was immediate and powerful.
  • There was an immediate and terrible panic among the citizens.
  • Few were privileged to give the signal for an immediate and happy reformation.
  • An immediate and diligent search must result in her capture.
  • Each man went about his duties with an eye to an immediate and definite future.
  • You must not expect immediate and obvious gratitude to crown your exertions.
  • To give them back talk is to invite immediate and serious trouble.
  • The book made an immediate and lasting impression upon the country.
  • If they took it, the relief to their finances would be immediate and effectual.
  • The hypnotic effect is both immediate and remote, and more or less permanent.
  • Our entry, if it was to come, must be immediate and unhesitating.
  • The attack was immediate and sharp, without ceremony, and determined.
  • But your presence at the Embassy is of immediate and urgent necessity.
  • The influence of this sea-city is unique, immediate, and unmistakable.
  • Our immediate and exclusive reference must be to God in all our need.

How To Use Immediate And In A Sentence?

  • The excitement the presentation of this petition produced was immediate and intense.
  • Bathing promotes health by its immediate and remote physiological effects on the system.
  • It depends on immediate recognition of the chancre and immediate and strenuous treatment.
  • If no immediate and safe opportunity offers, you will please to do it by express.
  • To the last man of them in the road house they gave her their immediate and exclusive attention.
  • Even the animals, when they fight, have an immediate and more reasonable cause for their attacks!
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