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  • An immemorial figure.
  • But inside here is the immemorial shadow.
  • It has been inhabited from time immemorial by myriads of bats.
  • From time immemorial the passers-by had trampled them unwittingly under foot.
  • Nothing, however, can mar the glory of the grand immemorial palms.
  • From immemorial custom there They raise a turfy theatre!
  • Sir Michael's house was an immemorial feature of those parts.
  • On her arm, in the immemorial mother's fashion, she carried a child.

How To Use Immemorial In A Sentence?

  • His features were of the straight type which has been called from time immemorial patrician.
  • They spoke in whispers, as if fearing to disturb the immemorial silence of the hills.
  • But then, has not authority from time immemorial stamped every step of progress as treasonable?
  • From time immemorial the memory of the Chinese has been developed above all the other faculties.
  • In English townships there has been from time immemorial a system of representation.
  • Two flags, silken emblems of an immemorial hatred, were being brought together in the Alleghanies.
  • For I seemed to be the only living thing among the dead habitations of immemorial Kor.
  • So that from time immemorial the stars have been regarded by mankind as the embodiment of all that is eternal and unchangeable.
  • The oldest of these songs are the sagas, sung traditions that have been handed down from immemorial ages.
  • Its duties cannot be dispensed with, and the sanctions of religion are added to the obligations of immemorial usage.
  • With the night pressing on its edges it was a tiny nucleus of life dropped down between the immemorial plains and the ancient river.
  • The old oak seats bear the names of the farms to whose occupants they have from time immemorial belonged.
  • Moreover, it is well known that the seeds of the poppy have been used from time immemorial in the preparation of cakes and confections.
  • All night coyotes yelped from the hilltops about us, recounting their immemorial sorrows to the wandering moon.
  • To conquer the wilderness means to wrest victory from the same hostile forces with which mankind struggled in the immemorial infancy of our race.
  • He was judging her in the dim light of an immemorial tradition; and he had seen in her anxious probing for truth merely a personal jealousy.
  • From time immemorial a share in the produce of land has been the property of the State in all eastern countries.
  • Though India is now chiefly an agricultural country her people from time immemorial have been adepts in manufacturing.
  • That there are guardian angels has been taught from immemorial time, and in some dim form is a belief of all except the lowest races of mankind.
  • Gebal or Byblos, still farther to the north, had been renowned for its sanctity from immemorial times.
  • For example, we are already seeing nostalgic laments of the loss of the immemorial rights of Internet users.
  • The need of pasturage from time immemorial has urged the pastoral tribes of the desert towards the fertile land of the Nile.
  • She smiled again at the immemorial joke, kissed and blessed him, and the door shut up on her and Hilary.
  • From time immemorial they have been at war with the Chippeways, and are also constantly making hostile incursions upon other neighboring tribes.
  • This has from time immemorial been one of the most important strategical points of the country of the Five Nations.
  • He made no resistance; but he wept while she conducted him bedward, as the immemorial wrongs of Ireland tore his soul.
  • Other candidates from time immemorial have come to you with a lot of talk, but I am the first one who has ever dared to be honest with you.
  • Lights change and shift through star and sun: Night, clothed with might of immemorial years, is one.
  • The joining of hands is from time immemorial the pledge of covenant, and is here an essential part of the Marriage Ceremony.
  • These are like the so-called law of the Medes and Persians which alters not: customs of immemorial antiquity and unquestionable sway.
  • This strange being had taken off his ponderous helmet to carry it in his left hand, while his right was held vertically in the immemorial sign of peace.
  • From time immemorial Master Zacharius had never come out except at meal times, and when he went to regulate the different clocks of the town.

Definition of Immemorial

(postpositive) That is beyond memory; ancient. | (positive) Ancient beyond memory.
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