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  • But they were not immoderate in their grief.
  • Bourrienne had an immoderate love of money.
  • What is moderate for one man is immoderate for his neighbour.
  • The waste of saliva in young smokers and in immoderate chewers we admit.

How To Use Immoderate In A Sentence?

  • Accordingly the other broke suddenly out into an immoderate doff-like laugh that was really awful.
  • Next to immoderate pleasures, the tradesman ought to be warned against immoderate expense.
  • Christine cried in reality, but it was immoderate laughter that made her tears flow.
  • She besought her parents not to indulge in immoderate grief, when she should be taken away.
  • Their naked feet ended in fleshless toes of immoderate length, like the bones of an ox-tail.
  • By inspiring us with an immoderate ardour to reach a fixed end, they often make us miss it.
  • Not of much use to him are the observations of the doctor on the immoderate consumption of his radical humidity.
  • Inevitably there is not enough food for all, and they stanch their hunger by immoderate drinking of foreign alcoholic liquors.
  • Twelve of our crew were dead by immoderate labor and ill food, and the rest were in a very weak condition.
  • There is none of that pleasant 'dropping-in' for an evening which is possible in country towns of not immoderate radius.
  • Loud and boisterous talking, immoderate laughing and forward and pushing conduct are always marks of bad breeding.
  • Brassin used to draw inane caricatures of himself, which he would present to us with a triumphant laugh of immoderate calibre.
  • It was soon after his marriage that a restless excitement, and sometimes an immoderate zeal, became visible in him.
  • All that he could remember of two-thirds of his time there was an immoderate amount of eating, drinking, and sleeping.
  • With those the immoderate use of spirituous liquors is a long contracted disease, which it is perhaps past the skill of legislation to cure.
  • It shows the vanity of immoderate pretensions, the power of wisdom and virtue, the impotence of folly and crime.
  • An immoderate coarseness and indecency in manner and action is part of the game; even in the presence of women the utmost vulgarity was permitted.
  • On four occasions during the century the Assembly attempted to regulate the excessive and immoderate rates of physicians and surgeons.
  • In short, sir, this young gentleman's failing is, an immoderate indulgence of his palate.
  • We inculcate an immoderate desire of pleasing; we dictate when nature does enough without us, and add to her lessons every refinement of art.
  • Nowhere can the industrious farmer secure such immoderate results from his labor as on these deep, rich, loamy soils, cultivated with so much ease.
  • South Carolina is subject to immoderate heat, to tremendous hurricanes, and to terrific storms of thunder and lightning.
  • On entering the barrack-yard, I perceived a large group of officers chatting together, and every moment breaking into immoderate fits of laughter.
  • Parents who have become degenerate from the immoderate use of alcohol or other stimulants or those who are afflicted with one of the black plagues furnish further examples of the birth of deficient offspring.
  • Moderation is an excellent thing; but taking things for granted is not moderation, and there may be such a thing as being immoderate in concession and confidence.
  • A distinguished oculist has said that many men daily impair or destroy their eyes by immoderate use, and that not a few have done the same by too little use of them.
  • When he had been about two years in the family of his patron, he contracted a very long, and dangerous illness, by eating an immoderate quantity of fruit.
  • And deep down within themselves they felt that they were in the presence of an absolutely exceptional specimen of mankind, created to perform immoderate actions and fashioned by his own hand for a superhuman destiny.
  • This disease generally breaks out in the hot season, when we generally eat all sorts of unripe and over-ripe fruits in immoderate quantities and in addition to our ordinary food.
  • They think that the crashing emotional climaxes of the more advanced composers are extravagant; and, both by instinct and principle, they dislike the immoderate and the extreme in all things.
  • For ages the fatal vice of the Balkan nations has been the immoderate and intolerant assertion by each of its own claims coupled with contemptuous disregard of the rights of others.
  • I had ceased to expect immoderate enjoyment from my position, but I had conceived an exaggerated idea of its power and influence on the world and mankind.
  • As soon as I was alone with her in my room, which was next to her own she threw herself on a sofa, and gave way to a most immoderate fit of laughter.

Definition of Immoderate

Not moderate; excessive.
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