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  • Immodest and immoral too.
  • Again that immoral woman.
  • They are immoral and slightly cynical.
  • Hence the immoral effect of formality and superstition.
  • Of course you can't, and it's immoral to try.
  • Coarse, rude, uncivil, and immoral many of them still are.
  • The immoral newspaper stops not at the unclean advertisement.
  • His one object is to out-manoeuvre in a game of desperate and immoral chances.
  • An immoral story, with a child of six as the central figure!
  • I would sooner live with an immoral man or woman than a bad-tempered one.
  • A most immoral woman, sir--most immoral.
  • Is it immoral to play at cards?--to visit theaters?

How To Use Immoral In A Sentence?

  • And the worldly and immoral old grandfather turned on his heel with a wicked laugh.
  • The one genuinely dangerous and immoral way of drinking wine is to drink it as a medicine.
  • Much possible evil will be avoided if the immoral Prussian militaristic ideal is finally crushed.
  • Those who remain are the poorer classes, and now live, if report speaks true, in an immoral state.
  • Now, whether torturing an animal is or is not an immoral thing, it is, at least, a dreadful thing.
  • That Louise, too, should condescend to smile to a thief, swindler, usurer, and immoral wretch!
  • If that were immoral, we should have to make up our minds that all education and training were perverted with such immoral elements.
  • One who starts from an immoral state of soul rises into the spiritual worlds with his spiritual vision stupified and clouded.
  • Evidences of the lazy and shiftless and the immoral are not frequent, because of a sort of spirit of thrift pervading the whole group.
  • The christian world should never say another word against immoral books until it makes the inspired volume clean.
  • The merely immoral man, as most of us know him, does not ask for the sanction of the law for his immorality.
  • To the people, it is a burthen and an immoral pest; less requisite in this island than in a continental nation.
  • Sometimes his consort is the earth; and then we have a sensuous and immoral worship such as that of the Canaanites.
  • In all her works, and throughout the long life of the artist, there is absolutely nothing unhealthy or immoral to be found.
  • There seems to be an extraordinary idea abroad that Fielding was in some way an immoral or offensive writer.
  • The great scandal of the times was the immoral lives of the clergy, especially of the monks, and the immunities they enjoyed.
  • Young men paid court to the older ladies, to refine their manners and sharpen their intellects, but not for any immoral purpose.
  • Give up money, give up fame, give up science, give the earth itself and all it contains rather than do an immoral act.
  • I wanted to believe that their views were immoral and objectionable and contemptible, because I had decided to treat them as at that level.
  • The principle of generation occupied such a prominent place in the Canaanite cults that in time they became exceedingly immoral and debasing.
  • Bumpkin is only slightly less immoral and unscrupulous than Citt, but he is just as hypocritical, lawless, and untruthful.
  • Such a social life as this sounds decidedly immoral but it was really unmoral, with the bright, eager, attractive unmorality of the vigorous child.
  • I have refrained from comments on any of his extraordinary and (in my eyes) immoral opinions, for I know him to be jealous of respect.
  • Though to be classed among erotic poems, the Song of Songs cannot fairly be called immoral or obscene.
  • Armies, and navies, and enterprise, and numbers, with a sound hereditary government, may for a time give prosperity to a dissolute immoral people.
  • Her answer to such a proposition would have been that there was but one standard, and that what differed from that were not moral principles at all, but excuses for immoral obliquity.
  • But there were those twenty "clever, wicked, sophistical, and immoral French books" that she read in eighteen-forty.
  • When the emotion is once set in its right relations to the whole of human life and to all that makes human life worth living, it cannot become an immoral obsession.

Definition of Immoral

Not moral; inconsistent with rectitude, purity, or good morals; contrary to conscience or the divine law.
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