Immoral in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Immoral

1. Immodest and immoral too. 🔊

2. Again that immoral woman. 🔊

3. They are immoral and slightly cynical. 🔊

4. Hence the immoral effect of formality and superstition. 🔊

5. Of course you can't, and it's immoral to try. 🔊

6. The immoral newspaper stops not at the unclean advertisement. 🔊

7. His one object is to out-manoeuvre in a game of desperate and immoral chances. 🔊

8. I would sooner live with an immoral man or woman than a bad-tempered one. 🔊

9. A most immoral woman, sir--most immoral. 🔊

10. Is it immoral to play at cards?--to visit theaters? 🔊

How to use Immoral in Sentences?

1. And the worldly and immoral old grandfather turned on his heel with a wicked laugh. 🔊

2. The one genuinely dangerous and immoral way of drinking wine is to drink it as a medicine. 🔊

3. Those who remain are the poorer classes, and now live, if report speaks true, in an immoral state. 🔊

4. Now, whether torturing an animal is or is not an immoral thing, it is, at least, a dreadful thing. 🔊

5. If that were immoral, we should have to make up our minds that all education and training were perverted with such immoral elements. 🔊

6. One who starts from an immoral state of soul rises into the spiritual worlds with his spiritual vision stupified and clouded. 🔊

7. Evidences of the lazy and shiftless and the immoral are not frequent, because of a sort of spirit of thrift pervading the whole group. 🔊

8. The merely immoral man, as most of us know him, does not ask for the sanction of the law for his immorality. 🔊

9. Sometimes his consort is the earth; and then we have a sensuous and immoral worship such as that of the Canaanites. 🔊

10. To the people, it is a burthen and an immoral pest; less requisite in this island than in a continental nation. 🔊