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How To Use Impairing In A Sentence?

  • I. (b) That which cannot be left out without impairing a phenomenon is a condition of it.
  • Unlike carbolic acid and other antiseptics it is said to stimulate the serum instead of impairing its activity.
  • And he could do it without impairing his originality, because he was as original as the great poets he used.
  • Hunger is the most poignant when it has forced physical suffering to the highest point without impairing the mental functions.
  • The whole thing was so exquisitely wrought that age had only softened the lines, without in the least impairing them.
  • From one of these he managed to split two pieces some six feet long without impairing its strength as a brace to stiffen the boat.
  • Pieces of the medullary, or central parts, have been removed by injuries without impairing the intellect or destroying life.
  • The records of this encounter are meagre, but the disaster retarded for the time his attempt at colonisation, besides impairing his estate.
  • The problem was: could Chiang accede without ruining his prestige or impairing the ideological position he had so laboriously built up for himself?
  • For if we delayed Germany might succeed in occupying the northern coast of France, and in impairing our security by sea.
  • I did not at the time realize how difficult it was for our naval forces to insure the safety of such vessels without impairing the efficiency of the submarine blockade.
  • But if he has no conscientiousness, no scruple about impairing his own health and sowing the seeds of disease, he has less about entailing them upon others.
  • It would be composed of intelligent, superbly cooperative people, who could work together as a unit without in the least impairing their own individuality.
  • If not washed long enough, the yellow of the ferricyanide will remain in the print, robbing its gradations of brightness and purity of color and impairing the permanency of the print.
  • Competition with life and will may often bring science low, degrading its methods and impairing its professional success, but protection involves at least equal risks.
  • These, however they may or may not affect the adult, are plainly impairing the best promise of the children; and that fact will be enough for the truly educated woman.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impairing | Impairing Sentence

  • Talk of liturgies impairing the fervour of prayer!
  • Why are laws impairing the force of contracts prohibited?
  • What portions have been removed without impairing the intellect?
  • Not less unjust are laws impairing the obligation of contracts.

Definition of Impairing

present participle of impair | impairment
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