Impasse In A Sentence

How To Use Impasse In A Sentence?

  • The impasse looked as though it might go on forever unless I turned away and left.
  • Naturally enough he had not wanted to remain at the house in the Impasse Ronsin.
  • His mother had taken as a residence a quaint house in the Impasse of the Feullantines, Paris.
  • M. Goron came to the Impasse Ronsin the next day and examined everything with his son.
  • It seems to me an unpardonable act of cruelty not to have informed me of this most essential development in the mystery of the Impasse Ronsin.
  • I met him again a few days later, and it was then that he said he was one of the authors of the murder in the Impasse Ronsin.
  • Then, gaily, she confessed that she had been rather disconcerted when she had arrived at the villa in the Impasse Ronsin.
  • It is not the judge in charge of the Impasse Ronsin case who stands before you, but your old friend....
  • I then asked him whether he thought the murder in the Impasse Ronsin had been committed by one of the Vaugirard gang.
  • He had come to the Impasse Ronsin after the murder, but I did not know who he was at the time, so many people had been in my room then.
  • But before I did that I wished to make one more attempt at interesting the law in the Impasse Ronsin case.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impasse | Impasse Sentence

  • The Impasse is blocked with people.
  • My mother was to spend the night at the Impasse Ronsin.
  • Chabrier is not at the Impasse Ronsin either...
  • The Impasse Ronsin affair is not unique of its kind.
  • He spent two or three nights a week at the Impasse Ronsin.
  • I returned to the Impasse Ronsin....
  • Steinheil wired to her mother, inviting her to the Impasse Ronsin.
  • Herr, I only returned to the Impasse Ronsin towards 5.30 P.M.

Definition of Impasse

a road with no exit; a cul-de-sac | a deadlock or stalemate situation in which no progress can be made
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