Impatience In A Sentence

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  • Her impatience answered him.
  • His testy impatience was in evidence.
  • In my impatience to have news of you my heart will break.
  • With some impatience he called to the person to enter.
  • My fond impatience increased as we neared the coast.
  • In his impatience he could hardly keep still.
  • McBain glared furiously, and his impatience rose.
  • There was an exclamation of impatience from Ruth Tolliver.
  • In impatience I took a cigar, lit it, and sat down to wait.
  • Sharp impatience was in the man's voice.
  • Tohm's impatience poured out of his soul.
  • Beldi's rage and impatience knew no bounds.
  • The improvvisatore had shown many symptoms of impatience during this recital.
  • No anger or impatience overset her sweet serenity and humility.
  • She tossed her head and stamped her foot with impatience like a spoiled child.
  • His impatience was now intense, he seized the keys, and again set to work.
  • May's nervous impatience to be gone was no longer to be resisted.
  • Again that look of impatience crossed the man's keen features.
  • The King's impatience to see his daughter married increased hourly.

How To Use Impatience In A Sentence?

  • He spoke with obvious impatience at the delay caused by having so much to tell.
  • It never seems to them that they have served enough; they have a fine impatience of their virtues.
  • The professor confessed in a jocular tone his impatience to complete the circuit of the globe and be done with it.
  • I feel a sort of impatience to think that in our country could exist a law which is so outrageously unjust.
  • He seemed to acquiesce in this, since he showed no impatience at being restricted to the formality of shaking hands.
  • He only knew of the cries of impatience at wounds received, and knew that he had left his mark on his own opponent.
  • Joan was rather fond of making her own decisions, and had all the impatience of her nineteen years with mature advice.
  • She merely felt a sort of impatience with her, concerning her attitude, when she herself knew what she knew.
  • The trackmen stopped work to look, but her attitude in their gaze was one of impatience rather than of embarrassment.
  • She rose; a letter was brought in for her, and she took it with an air of impatience and ill-humour.
  • The sitting of the Reichstag was awaited with impatience as that was expected to bring more light on the crisis.
  • In the heat of her impatience she could not quite restrain herself, and though she dare not speak, she sang.
  • He stopped a moment, picturing her to himself in some luxurious attitude; but his impatience would not suffer him to delay.
  • The impatience had died now; the burning of his heart was cooled; and life had grown miraculously simple and easy.
  • Judy, spilling some into her saucer, proceeded to blow it vigorously, her hosts with difficulty restraining their impatience the while.
  • He arrived late in the afternoon, and I could hardly restrain my impatience while he was having his tea.
  • She waited with feverish impatience for the coming of the Bishop to tell her the result of the trial, and at length he came.
  • Our impatience drove us again to the shore after dinner, to look out for the Austrian steamer, but we spied for it in vain.
  • The English people had read with ever increasing curiosity and impatience the stories of the French balloonists.
  • She manifested some impatience to get rid of Monsieur George and even attempted to push him towards the door.
  • How should she be, indeed, who was looking forward with impatience to her appearance at the Court of an uncrowned King?

Definition of Impatience

The quality of being impatient; lacking patience; restlessness and intolerance of delays; anxiety and eagerness, especially to begin something.
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