Impeded In A Sentence

How To Use Impeded In A Sentence?

  • It is no use its having wings at all if it is to be impeded in the use of them.
  • Some obstruction at the forking of the roads impeded their progress almost to a walk.
  • The progress of the vessels had hitherto been much impeded by the state of the ice.
  • No reward had then been offered for him, and my presence only impeded his movements.
  • The ruggedness of the steep and the entanglements of the bushes, delayed and impeded him.
  • In the course of this day the navigation was much impeded by logs and sand-bars.
  • At length a rise in the ground impeded our path, and the heat commenced to inconvenience us.
  • On resuming their voyage, their course was again impeded by a British squadron.
  • Her arm, still stiffly pressed to her side, impeded her fumbling efforts to open the box.
  • These, impeded by their very numbers, and half mad with panic, offered no resistance whatever.
  • Much impeded by the arms and dog, I followed him up the ascent and reached the top.
  • She flashed Malone a dazzling smile, only slightly impeded by the gum, and flipped off.
  • The disorder that had so impeded the success of the enterprise was to be crushed under the iron hand of a despot.
  • My writing is impeded both by the recollection of my own disasters, and by my alarm about my brother.
  • At the same time the carriage was impeded in its further progress by some felled trees which had been dragged across the road.
  • Her progress was somewhat impeded by the weight of two large cardboard boxes which she was carrying.
  • But should he return, he should not find that she had trammelled and impeded his plans and purposes by announcing herself as his wife.
  • For a wise policy would dictate that the import of the inferior sorts should be more impeded than that of the best descriptions.
  • Each and all met the common fate so much the sooner, from the manner in which they impeded their own efforts.
  • They cannot be wholly suppressed nor even very much reduced or impeded if society is to progress or even exist.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impeded | Impeded Sentence

  • He had nothing on that impeded his movements.
  • Part of those who passed on impeded the others.
  • But nothing impeded her way.
  • A squeeze effectually impeded further utterance.
  • No low limbs impeded their progress.
  • The progress of the boats was much impeded by ice.
  • Some tried to row, but were impeded by their comrades.
  • The salesman impeded his progress and grudgingly gave way.
  • At first impeded or postponed, they at last prevail.
  • A procession or something had impeded the traffic some moments.
  • This fresh apprehension told on my health and impeded my recovery.
  • Heaps of broken fragments impeded our entrance and lay on the floor.
  • The gathering snow impeded the craft even on the down grade.
  • The passage up the river was still much impeded by rocks and shoals.
  • Grant's heavy space-suit impeded his progress.
  • A great polished stone now impeded our passage, and compelled us to crawl.
  • Madame von Marwitz listened to her impeded utterance frowning.
  • But Toekoely's mind never impeded his heart.
  • Nothing, however, impeded my extension, and I stood straight.
  • The ---- of the expedition was impeded by bad roads.

Definition of Impeded

simple past tense and past participle of impede
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