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  • Dodge was hanging onto the door of the taxi, impeding his friend's departure.

How To Use Impeding In A Sentence?

  • They seemed to have come to an understanding for the very purpose of impeding my retreat.
  • It is wonderful what a firm grip they give without in any way impeding your movements.
  • Indeed at one time it looked like seriously impeding the course of final victory.
  • Upon you, therefore, will devolve the necessity of impeding his advance into this region.
  • Then he became aware that she seemed to be struggling, as if she were impeding the movements of some one behind her.
  • Her fantasy overbalanced her reason, impeding its development and thus relegating it to a secondary role.
  • The prohibition was hateful to all, as impeding their agility in scaling the craggy steeps of their native fastnesses.
  • Between their lives were no impeding barriers, no inclination impelling one way and duty compelling another.
  • When in sufficient numbers they even attack the whale, impeding his progress by fastening on his fins and tail.
  • I went on gayly with my pious guide and his hopeful companion, no sinister accident impeding our journey.
  • It was not a good position, being hedged in on the right and in front by woods which could conceal the movements of a foe without impeding them.
  • Let the impeding causes and all their circumstances be explored, but let the inquiry and its results be kept apart from all rent-paying land.
  • This was the first token we had seen which related to our quest, and with renewed efforts our men again attacked the impeding mass of vegetation.
  • The driver needed but the suggestion to plunge them into a maze of forgotten country roads where there were no lights and no impeding traffic....
  • She knew her way; she was not impeding them, and stepped back properly when it was time for that rope in the bow to leap ashore.
  • In the mature man also, anger adds some force to the kick he gives even inanimate objects unexpectedly impeding him.
  • The three men struggling with the wounded officer were impeding one another, and beyond a gash or two with their assegais had done little injury.
  • Salome made her way to these little sitters, while all the other children, clinging to her skirt, attended her, impeding her progress.
  • He rid himself of all impeding veils; his doubts dispelled, he began to extol and glorify the Beauty promised from of old.
  • There was a momentary fumbling for the tinder-box and flint, a muttered oath over one or two impeding articles of furniture, and Thankful laughed.
  • A lattice of gilded wood over which clambered fragrant vines screened the interior from the eyes of the vulgar without impeding the free circulation of air to preserve the coolness necessary at that season.
  • Throughout the greater part of the day, a drizzling rain was falling, which turned the dust of the roads into mud and mire, considerably impeding our progress.
  • Armed soldiers were hastening to their different points of assembly, summoned by bugles that resounded shrilly amid the din, and thrusting their way unceremoniously through the impeding masses of fugitives.
  • The rope-thrower, with the rope tripping his feet and impeding his movements, danced about wildly, shaking the hand from which three fingers had been cleanly clipped.
  • The room was so large, too, that several people could sit comfortably at the square central table, without in any way impeding the work that was going on.

Definition of Impeding

present participle of impede
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