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  • Civil war was now impending in the colonies.
  • They were talking about impending war.
  • He felt the chill of impending disaster.
  • It takes our mind off the impending clash.
  • Rumors of impending action were already abroad.
  • The impending bankrupt looked flushed and tired.
  • We had anxious premonitions of this impending storm for some hours.
  • Men have been known to take to drink under the impending sword of dishonour.
  • He felt gay, excited by the thrill of their impending danger.
  • It seemed obvious that Llwellyn was aware of some impending discoveries.
  • In the struggle now impending I know no more parties among my people.
  • For my own part, I remained unreconciled to these impending events.

How To Use Impending In A Sentence?

  • Of course the menace of impending death drew his thoughts in the direction of religion.
  • My indignation at the personal outrage of the impending mob incited me as them ...
  • The news of these impending blows fell upon a community already gloomy and despondent.
  • A fatal day was fast arriving, and she knew not how to avert the impending storm.
  • He fancied that this "double" was his own ghost and an omen of his impending death.
  • I could but opine that the impending parting at Naples sat heavily on his spirit.
  • By auspices straightway the slaughter of men and the evils Impending are shown by the gods.
  • Nelson cast a last look on the Atlantean army, breathlessly awaiting the impending duel.
  • In the first place the Government is afraid of attacks in the impending Congress.
  • We mentioned an impending visit of Eastern Capital bent upon investigating our mineral wealth.
  • Luther had had no inkling of an impending clash between the peasants and the nobility when the revolt broke out with the fury of a cyclone.
  • The young girl had had a presentiment of impending evil, but her wish to postpone the journey had been overruled.
  • This demand being conceded, he began to play with such ardour that he entirely forgot his impending execution.
  • The two women exclaimed under their breaths to each other and moved farther away, as if from an impending explosion.
  • Her visits gave me life, but at the same time we could not help talking about the impending and momentous trial.
  • I had not seemed to realize before how much of our trouble, our unspoken apprehension and dread of impending calamity was due to this man.
  • There was no feeling of impending evil, no resistance, no struggle, no consciousness of an opposing presence.
  • An inspection by the King is always a sure sign of a unit's impending departure.
  • He forgot his own danger, forgot wife and children at home in his unselfish eagerness to snatch the unfortunate girl from the impending danger.
  • By the stark unmerciful sunlight; by the rude, revealing glow of the impending day how much more scandalous would it be!
  • These, then, are the men, and these their principal methods, which provided the scenario for the impending clash.
  • And all at once I saw that to resist him further would be to heap suspicion upon myself against the moment of impending discovery.
  • Such work is performed in almost every country town, and the amount of human life thus rescued from impending death is very great.
  • If Noel were cognizant of impending misfortune she felt absolutely sure he would never consent to precipitate it.
  • The minds of the English are said to have been appalled by the horrors of the impending conflict, and superstition indulged in wild inventions.
  • They entered the villa together in apparent friendliness, but it was with a sense of impending evil that Brandilancia retired to his room.
  • Then his eyes sought that spot where Altorius and his staff sat anxiously on their podokos, watching intently the impending struggle.
  • All, utterly unconscious of impending danger, stand there within a radius of two hundred yards; the nearest of them are within fifty.

Definition of Impending

Approaching; drawing near; about to happen or expected to happen. | present participle of impend | Something that impends or threatens; an expected event.
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