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  • Yet the ludicrous imperfections of this performance passed unnoticed by the audience.
  • Did a father ever bear more patiently with the foibles and imperfections of his children?
  • There still remain a good many features which must be regarded as imperfections in the law.
  • They were, we have reason to believe, under no illusions as to the imperfections of mankind.
  • The imperfections of the world excited his disgust, his anger, never his mirth.
  • The Greek ideal is an endeavor to ignore the imperfections of natural existence.
  • Garvey was a pioneer in demonstrating the imperfections of the existing methods and in advising the introduction of innovations.
  • It would amount at best to a philosophy marked with the imperfections of the civilisation under which it grew up.
  • Man's chief difficulty in all such work is to imitate the imperfections of nature.
  • The purpose of this brief preface is to explain the many imperfections which of necessity appear in this volume.
  • So the microscope applied to genius is apt to discover those imperfections of humanity from which no mortal is entirely exempt.
  • If the church is a thing apart we can analyze its imperfections as we might stand and ridicule a regiment of raw recruits.
  • The heavy imperfections in the wood can be taken out with coarse paper, and the finishing can be done with a finer paper.
  • Here belong in part also the imperfections of speech that are occasioned by too large a tongue (macroglossia).
  • But in spite of the imperfections of cataloguers, catalogues must be used, and they must be read and not only referred to.
  • In photography, as the sitter comes, so she must be taken, with all her excellences or her imperfections on her head.
  • In this discussion of a perhaps abstruse and difficult theme, his indulgence is sought for whatever imperfections or deficiencies may appear.
  • He aspired for better things, and at times his imperfections stood out before him in monstrous shape, and he sought to hiss them down.
  • This was the libretto writer (1772-1855), and hence the imperfections of the work can better be condoned.
  • To-day, however, her own imperfections did not matter to her; she was as nothing to herself just now, and scarcely felt his insinuations.
  • But, in this case, why should the Divinity be offended by the necessary imperfections which he discovers in his creatures?
  • The writer will esteem herself happy if, with all the imperfections of detail, she shall, in a measure, have succeeded in her aim.
  • Comedy presents us with the imperfections of human nature: Farce entertains us with what is monstrous and chimerical.
  • Owing to imperfections in their machines, it was impossible for the Europeans to make cotton yarn combining strength and firmness.
  • The other imperfections in the Paris arrangements, whether with regard to villages or fields, are not incapable of amendment.
  • We have an Episcopalian Church in this country, and it has all the imperfections of a poor relation.
  • They liberate man from the darkness of the world of nature, deliver him from despair, error, ignorance, imperfections and all evil qualities.
  • And just here Ashly Crane committed an irretrievable blunder, due to those imperfections of nature and technique which have been described before.
  • The majority of men, I think, will prefer an every-day love with all its risks and imperfections to the shadowy ghost of a hopeless love.
  • The very imperfections in their political systems contributed to develope the genius of their statesmen, and necessarily called into action every faculty of the mind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imperfections | Imperfections Sentence

  • With all my imperfections on my head.
  • My very imperfections may be of value.
  • The imperfections of the shanty are many and grievous.
  • In other words, there are imperfections in his plays.
  • All the imperfections found in the animal are found in man.
  • With all my imperfections on my head; O, horrible!
  • Their imperfections were so small as compared with their sacrifice.
  • None need tell me that there are defects and imperfections in the work.
  • The sneer at the godly man for his imperfections is ill-judged.
  • He has the form, the movements, and the imperfections of a human being.

Definition of Imperfections

plural of imperfection
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