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  • This direct form of imperialism does not seduce them.
  • On the whole, in imperialism nothing fails like success.
  • Then he invents modern imperialism and goes to Timbuctoo.
  • But Imperialism was not the object of the Radical Cabinet.
  • Twentieth-century imperialism cannot be so favourably judged.
  • But where will imperialism get such another leader, after all?
  • This, by whatever name called, is the imperialism that we denounce.
  • The normal end of Roman Imperialism is a sultanate like that of Diocletian.

How To Use Imperialism In A Sentence?

  • The main justification of imperialism is to be found in the use which is made of imperial power.
  • The illusions of imperialism have been made clearer than ever by the course of modern history.
  • Such are the basic sanctions of Western imperialism as evolved during the nineteenth century.
  • Already we had given Imperialism a criticism, and leavened half the press from our columns.
  • Finally, the Christians have embellished and justified Western imperialism in China.
  • The Hohenzollern Imperialism towers like the black threat of a new Caesarism over all the world.
  • No autocracy, then, in the League of Nations, no German militarism nor Austrian imperialism in it.
  • In reality, it was only the inevitable outcome of the new position resulting from imperialism and the war.
  • In both countries imperialism was a sentiment curiously compounded of idealism and bombast, and supported by very doubtful science.
  • At various epochs some degree of imperialism for the Netherland group had been quite to popular taste.
  • Industrious races are displayed stinted and starved for the sake of an expensive Imperialism which they can only enjoy if they are well fed.
  • That we have Imperialism in all our clubs at the very time when we have Orientalism in all our drawing-rooms.
  • The chief modern source of trouble is trade rivalry, with which imperialism is closely interwoven and trade rivalry makes enemies of old friends.
  • And I don't think the public's semantic reactions to the terminology of imperialism is as bad as you imagine.
  • For my part I greatly prefer the Jingoism of Rule Britannia to the Imperialism of The Recessional.
  • The cant of Imperialism was easy to learn and use; it was speedily adopted by all sorts of base enterprises and turned to all sorts of base ends.
  • It has been said that the deepest impulse of British imperialism has been to extend English ways of thought throughout the world.
  • If I understand your chairman correctly, Imperialism practically means the power and wisdom to govern.
  • I never thought so when Bob Lee surrendered and our dreams of imperialism vanished and left most of us without a dollar.
  • German imperialism might have seized Petrograd, the evacuation of which the Kerensky Government had already begun.
  • Thus I have always felt that brutal Imperialism and Tolstoian non-resistance were not only not opposite, but were the same thing.
  • Fashionable Imperialism not only has no ideas of its own to extend; but such ideas as it has are actually borrowed from the brown and black peoples to whom it seeks to extend them.
  • To shirk this responsibility on the alleged ground that economic imperialism and organized greed will surely bring the Conference to failure is supine and snobbish.
  • In December internationalism was dominant in Berlin; nationalism was developing under pressures from Paris; while imperialism was dormant.

Definition of Imperialism

The policy of forcefully extending a nation's authority by territorial gain or by the establishment of economic and political dominance over other nations.
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