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  • Once she spoke imperiously to the nurse.
  • His presence was imperiously demanded in both places.
  • Her head was imperiously high, her black eyes defiant.
  • The girl touched his arm almost imperiously as he turned his head again.
  • Canst thou ever imperiously impose anything upon a free mind?
  • His eyes changed, and imperiously he gave an order to his assistants.
  • Now there are many voices of the soul which I imperiously silence.
  • Lady Henry's voice rang imperiously through the room.
  • We have no one in England who renders it so imperiously as Milton.
  • In July, 1914, the War Party imperiously asked for war, and war ensued.
  • Hermione's eye flashed, and she bounded imperiously to her feet.
  • What is your name?" imperiously demanded Philip's wife.

How To Use Imperiously In A Sentence?

  • But the exercise of the milder virtues is imperiously called for in seasons of national alarm.
  • He knew how imperiously it drove him, and he knew that she had felt its power too.
  • An inert mind waits, as it were, for experiences to be imperiously forced upon it.
  • Nora did not want to look, but curiosity drew her eyes imperiously toward Courtlandt.
  • Suddenly he sat himself down upon a mossy bulge in the turf, and waved me imperiously to a place beside him.
  • With the first shock of the earthquake he called imperiously for his favourite slave, but received no answer.
  • The carriage was beginning to draw up; and that which he had imperiously demanded a moment before, he now as urgently dreaded.
  • He was scarcely on his legs before she turned her head, saw that he was going, and imperiously beckoned to him.
  • Thus men might be imperiously directed in the disposal of their industry, their property, and even of their lives.
  • The boy looked up to see his counterpart, the son of the lord of the castle, standing imperiously before him.
  • My other pressing avocations demanded imperiously my presence in quarters where I could be of more service.
  • But she only laughed at him, and, disregarding his rebuke, turned to the waiter and imperiously ordered another bottle.
  • Her eyes grew wide with horror, her figure straightened imperiously and the white in her cheeks gave way to the red of insulted virtue.
  • San Gennaro has taken up the duty now, and stands pointing imperiously with outstretched hand bidding the volcano halt.
  • It was when they reached the street level that the officer did pause by one door, beckoning Raf imperiously to join him.
  • It became, therefore, as Caesar thought, imperiously necessary that he should protect himself from this danger.
  • He stalked out of the Headquarters, and beckoned imperiously to a squad that he saw coming down the street under the command of a Sergeant.
  • A few minutes later Chieftain was whirling round high up among the crags, calling imperiously for his wife, as a king might call.
  • If she had been there, she would, in her present state of mind, likely be riding imperiously and indifferently ahead instead of by his side where he wanted her.
  • The loud voice which once rang so imperiously and impatiently through the corridors was now heard no more; the hand was not lifted to strike, and often gratitude was expressed for any attention that was shown.

Definition of Imperiously

In an imperious manner.
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