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How To Use Impermeable In A Sentence?

  • Its roots are long and vertical and their development stops in contact with an impermeable layer of soil.
  • They consist simply of wooden uprights to which are affixed cross-pieces that support an impermeable canvas.
  • Our advances are met with an imperceptible but impermeable resistance by the very people who are bent on making the world pleasant to us.
  • Jean Cornbutte contrived to surround this part of the pipe with some metallic canvas, which is impermeable by heat.
  • Also, its action may be regulated by altering the strength of the solution, and the liability to form impermeable albuminates thus diminished.
  • Sheaths impose an impermeable medium between husband and wife, destroy contact, and may thereby prevent the joy of sexual intercourse.
  • These plants have a very leathery, impermeable skin, from which evaporation takes place but slowly, which enables them to inhabit arid regions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impermeable | Impermeable Sentence

  • Of such impermeable natures is Eva Adami.
  • Hoy no pude resistir la tentación: tomé el impermeable y me fuí hacia allá.

Definition of Impermeable

Impossible to permeate. | Not allowing passage, especially of liquids; waterproof.
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