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  • Mary smiled at him in that impersonal way of hers.
  • He, himself, was impersonal to her.
  • But it was an impersonal matter to native Muktiarbad.
  • It's as impersonal as science.
  • Like them, its creation was a gradual and impersonal matter.
  • Conjunction is a word impersonal serving to cople diverse senses.
  • It sounded so curiously impersonal that we could hardly take it seriously.
  • Frances Browne's poetry is as impersonal as her prose.
  • There was nothing impersonal left in her feeling for Eduard Desmond!

How To Use Impersonal In A Sentence?

  • He recognizes repeatedly the impersonal and purely objective nature of his fiction.
  • The case was the case of escape, of living under water, of being at once impersonal and firm.
  • Her nervous self-consciousness fled, and she was at once the gracious, impersonal hostess.
  • But now arose a natural rivalry, the reaction from great, impersonal joy in noble work.
  • The antithesis between God as a personal and as an impersonal being, is a wholly modern idea.
  • His eyes, after hovering hawklike, settled, in a grey, level, impersonal glance, on me.
  • Serviss began to realize that his reawakened interest in this girl was not purely impersonal and scientific.
  • She felt that she had struck against something as dry and cold and impersonal as an abstract principle.
  • She had a curiously impersonal way of relating these adventures, as if they were no concern of hers whatever.
  • Mary also took herself to task in the little study in as impersonal a manner as a true father confessor.
  • It sounded an impersonal statement, but nevertheless it was quite evident this time to whom it applied.
  • As she wheeled round again to her task it was not without a pang of wholly impersonal envy at so beautiful a tribute.
  • The trust company in fact was merely an impersonal and legal means of fulfilling the ideals of the average member of our society.
  • She nodded, watching him contentedly while he spoke to the chauffeur and then turned to look at her with his level impersonal gaze.
  • She told herself that it was impersonal now, that she would have had the same impulse of protection, of championship, for any one.
  • It was the ancient masculine delusion, as invulnerable as truth, that the impersonal interests are the significant ones.
  • It was an impersonal matter between her and the bonnet; and though she should wear it on a secular errand, the veil did not signify.
  • She made the statement with the stony, impersonal air of one who has to say the same thing a good many times a year.
  • He talked to her about such matters as had interested them, large impersonal matters, taking for granted her intelligent understanding.
  • That is for him a real and tremendous, though impersonal power, and in contemplating it he may be said to worship after a fashion.
  • There was certainly nothing in Dosia's quietly impersonal attitude to call it forth.
  • Lockwood may be a little indistinct, but he is properly so, for he is not a character, he is a mere impersonal looker-on.
  • It looked utterly impersonal to-day; its very atmosphere was artificial, typical, a pretended self-sufficiency.
  • The ideas with him are not the thoughts of an impersonal mind, but the emanations of a personal, volitional Deity.
  • She had set her heart on this last desire of her passionless, impersonal life and had determined that she and Gregory should come together again.
  • They had been established in a room of the long-disused guest-wing, where young Jemima might keep a capable if impersonal eye upon their welfare.
  • Peter watched her with a sort of impersonal sympathy; the major part of his being had been plunged into what seemed a veritable chasm of hopelessness.
  • As I sat there last night I saw that the interest was too abstract, too impersonal for the ordinary play-goer.
  • We do not really correspond, and his occasional notes are so impersonal that in replying I sometimes feel as if I were addressing an abstraction.
  • I understand," he went on in a curiously impersonal voice, "that you really are supposed to be descended from a high English family.
  • How much of her life now, in spite of its active impersonal interests, was beginning to centre in John Benham!

Definition of Impersonal

Not personal; not representing a person; not having personality. | Lacking warmth or emotion; cold. | (grammar, of a verb or other word) Not having a subject, or having a third person pronoun without an antecedent.
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