Imperturbable In A Sentence

Definition of Imperturbable

Not easily perturbed, upset or excited. | Calm and collected, even under pressure.

How To Use Imperturbable In A Sentence?

  • He surveyed the group with a smiling imperturbable manner that was impossible to withstand.
  • With an imperturbable countenance he offered her his arm, to lead her back to her seat.
  • He continued to fix his round, light-blue eyes on her face with imperturbable gravity.
  • Winnie finished his toast with imperturbable deliberation, pushed back his chair, and jumped up.
  • Her imperturbable good humour and her solicitude for him rebuked Cameron for his abruptness.
  • He was guilty of sharp, ugly curses, and he snapped and growled at the imperturbable half-caste.
  • The imperturbable man assented to everything that I said, and kept on feeding his cow.
  • But grave-natured Nilmani in imperturbable curiosity serenely gazed at the Saheb.
  • The birds resumed their chorus, and William Sylvester his imperturbable mask of deference.
  • All the time, Amante kept her imperturbable good temper, first reasoning, then scolding.
  • There was something in the lad's imperturbable good humor at once irritating and disarming.
  • The tail of the agonized reptile flung wildly in the air and flapped on the arched back of the imperturbable tigress.
  • It was this imperturbable self-possession and good-humor combined which gave him so much influence over the irascible marchesa.
  • Both armies in solemn silence were gazing aloft, while the imperturbable mariner continued to spy out the land.
  • In the end, however, she had to sacrifice it to the girl's imperturbable silence.
  • He had, indeed, passed through a trying ordeal, and that with an imperturbable nerve and coolness of head.
  • The imperturbable French officer of 1918 attaches no particular importance to his individual gesture.
  • Cursing and growling, the crippled peer stood up, and announced his readiness to accompany this imperturbable young man.
  • She sat bending over the fire smoking a pipe, and exhibiting through the hubbub around the imperturbable calmness peculiar to her race.
  • The imperturbable celestial showed not the slightest sign of surprise at finding her there, and merely greeted her with his usual urbane smile.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Imperturbable | Imperturbable Sentence

  • He was as imperturbable as ever.
  • Catherine smiled up into his imperturbable face.
  • He was imperturbable and sphinx-like.
  • Is his not the cool imperturbable part?
  • The troop continued its imperturbable march.
  • Even his imperturbable amiability became suspicious.
  • The submarine sailor is really an imperturbable person.
  • Be still and imperturbable like the marble arch.
  • But Coutlass was imperturbable for once.
  • It was the imperturbable but persistent Herr Renwick.
  • And he was the more esteemed for this imperturbable coolness.
  • I attempted a shrug which failed before his imperturbable nonchalance.
  • The imperturbable philosopher sets aside the insinuation as an impertinence.
  • They take an imperturbable delight in noise and mere annoyance.
  • Enjoys perfect health, and has imperturbable self-assurance.
  • Ling Chu met the other's eyes with imperturbable calmness.
  • Lord Ronald smiled his imperturbable smile and flicked a gnat from his sleeve.
  • I was curious about this imperturbable young man, whom I knew rather well.
  • His eyes literally blazed at the Englishman's imperturbable face.
  • But the imperturbable pencil went on calmly, "It was all a mistake.

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