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How To Use Impetuously In A Sentence?

  • He sprang to his feet impetuously and shook himself as if to shake off some disgusting touch.
  • Then she went hastily forward, seized her impetuously in her arms and kissed her.
  • But Rudd, the first to recover from his amazement, sprang impetuously to his feet.
  • His followers closed in upon him so impetuously that he was borne down under their charge and fell ignominiously out on the grass.
  • Suddenly he sprang up and bounded impetuously against the wall with a hoarse, rough bark of fearful loudness.
  • And then, as if her words had rung too cheaply flippant in her own ears, she took both hands impetuously from his.
  • Betty impetuously went towards her, and was soon sitting on a stool beside her, chattering to her and amusing her.
  • He vanished at once, and a moment later came impetuously down the ravine, leaping rocks and bushes in his haste.
  • On a signal made by the marshals of the tournament, they charged impetuously upon each other, with their horses at full gallop.
  • He lifted the small figure with ease, and half-way up-stairs he impetuously kissed the delicate cheek.
  • The multitude rushed impetuously upon Juanillo, as if they were about to devour him by their outbursts of enthusiasm.
  • Instead Barbara reached out impetuously and took the girl's icy wrist in both her own hands.
  • Presently he saw the glimmer of a light, and conjectured that some one was coming impetuously down, guided by a lanthorn swinging in his hand.
  • But the cry which impetuously burst from him after a moment of intense stillness startled me so I can never forget it.
  • Then dawn flung itself impetuously across the hills, and the naked rim of the canyon took form in a shifting whirl of smoke.
  • Dividing his force into two bodies, he fell upon the insurgents impetuously from two sides, taking them completely by surprise.
  • They go not impetuously and headlong into battle, but with care and foresight, peacefully, as the true children of Israel.
  • She stood in the centre of the room in an eager, arrested attitude, having, perhaps, restrained herself from impetuously following Betty.
  • Connie turned round to the disputants and threw herself impetuously into the quarrel, strengthening with her wit and trained criticism the cause of the zeit-geist.
  • The sky was mottled with clouds driving impetuously across the zenith, the bright moon gleaming through the interstices as they rapidly passed along.
  • And seeing their domesticated fellows the wild elephants infuriated and with the temporal juice trickling down rushed impetuously on the former, with the intention of killing them.
  • It was she who had impetuously offered it, never conceiving such a possibility as that he might be guilty of the one sin for which, in her eyes, there could be no palliation.
  • And this time, even more impetuously and with less reason, Miss O'Neill pursued her.
  • She remembered how slight was her knowledge of the man to whom she had thus impetuously entrusted her future; and, remembering, something of her ready confidence went from her.
  • The next instant Dame Banfi rose impetuously from her chair, and exclaiming, "Anna!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impetuously | Impetuously Sentence

  • She turned impetuously away from him.
  • Judas blurted out impetuously his dissatisfaction.
  • Julie impetuously took his hand.
  • Kearny leaped impetuously and caught it.
  • He watched her fling herself impetuously on the knapsack.
  • Herman turned impetuously upon his father.
  • But her mind impetuously ran forward.
  • Charles rode impetuously after the retreating royalists.
  • Nugent turned impetuously to Violet.
  • Henry Bliss pushed the cure impetuously toward the door.
  • DINAH (going up impetuously to him).
  • She presses it to her lips, and impetuously breaks for the shore!
  • Frank burst impetuously into Edgar's presence.
  • The rear attack, flushed with success, were hurrying impetuously forward.
  • The archduke Ferdinand was a genuine scion of an impetuously loyal race.

Definition of Impetuously

In an impetuous manner; with sudden force
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