Impiety In A Sentence

Definition of Impiety

(uncountable) The state of being impious. | (countable) An impious act. | (uncountable) The lack of respect for a god or something sacred.

How To Use Impiety In A Sentence?

  • It would be folly as well as impiety to assert that it is in such ways only that miracles are performed.
  • I was and am with that halo of impiety which is usually more attractive to the weaker sex than the most beautiful aureola of unsullied virtue.
  • I care no more for my duties to the world, for my impiety to my ancestors, or for my separation from my family.
  • No words can do justice to the old dame's tone and its implied impiety of her granddaughter's conduct.
  • For in theocracies, to the social evil of the offence is added the impiety committed against the Deity and his representative on earth.
  • The inconsiderate anger of Bel, while punishing the impiety of their creatures, had inflicted injury upon themselves.
  • But is that Charitas Patriae utterly to be abolished and extinguished, for its practise of that impiety and injustice?
  • His policy evidently was to conciliate the Saxons, and he deemed their impiety sufficiently chastised at Hohenburg.
  • Nor let it be thought there is any impiety in giving these verses in the form in which they are cherished, for the humble recorders of them dream of no irreverence.
  • The second comprises a more than succinct relation of the false charges which the said visitation had encountered, and edicts about which with Christian impiety they had dissembled to him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impiety | Impiety Sentence

  • This duty was impiety to him.
  • A charge of impiety was trumped up against him.
  • It would be impiety to believe that.
  • The impiety was mine, my love!
  • The impiety of his action thus appeared in its true light.
  • Must I be taught impiety from thee?
  • We must not suppose that the impiety of the Cainites was of a dogmatic kind.
  • Open impiety drew down upon the offender's head the flashing thunderbolt.
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