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  • Lady Claire was implacably aloof.
  • Merryon was silent, grimly, implacably silent.
  • Those monsters would have haunted him as implacably as ever.
  • He moved close to her and glared down implacably into her unwavering eyes.
  • The other three stood coldly and implacably staring at the crippled man.

How To Use Implacably In A Sentence?

  • The somber, thick-set pines seemed to be implacably in the same place, no matter how she tried to pass them, to leave them behind, to hurry on.
  • And the bleak and frigid barrenness that met his gaze was so implacably hostile to any living thing as to bring a shudder of more than physical cold.
  • It was not that he wanted to see her, but an inner conviction, implacably fixed as the laws of nature that are at no point subject to the desires of man, told him she would come.

Definition of Implacably

In an implacable manner.
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