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  • All I had to do was to play my part well, but without implicating myself.
  • This is not the first transaction of the kind implicating Mr. Wm.
  • As for Healy, Yeager confessed he saw no way of implicating him.

How To Use Implicating In A Sentence?

  • It will be seen at once then how the fear of implicating them embarrassed me in the outset.
  • On second thoughts, however, he realized that he had very little tangible evidence implicating the magnate to offer.
  • It should be said as to Senators, that there was no evidence implicating them in the receipt of money or other valuable considerations.
  • No evidence, worthy of a moment's credit, has ever been produced, implicating any class of them in a suspicion of the kind.
  • He had evidently barely escaped with life from the hands of the ruffians, and their shallow device for implicating him in their guilt was transparent to all.
  • He is a man, yet is he no man; his flesh is only "the likeness of sinful flesh," liable to death, but not implicating the personality in dying.
  • To be candid, he did not think it would be good policy to try to sift the matter to the bottom, for fear of implicating some profitable student whom he could not afford to expel.

Definition of Implicating

present participle of implicate
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