Implore In A Sentence

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  • I implore you not to do this thing.
  • I beg and implore you!
  • I implore you to answer.
  • I must implore her forgiveness.
  • No, not if she implore me.
  • I implore you, do not insist.
  • I beg and implore you, do not be tragic!
  • Invoke you, as my patroness; implore you.
  • Listen to me, I implore you!
  • Beata, I implore you.
  • Must I implore a miracle from heaven?
  • Go back, I implore you.
  • I beg, I implore you to hear me.
  • Oh, I implore you to let me have some spirits!
  • But I implore you, do not tell my brother!
  • No, she would admit it, and implore his indulgence....
  • My boy, I earnestly implore you to leave the country.
  • I implore the Prince of Transylvania for help.
  • I only implore you to listen to the wish that is dearest to my heart.
  • Could she dare to allude to it, if only to implore him to forgive her?
  • She waved her hand towards him, as if to implore or command silence.
  • Had they not lifted their heads to the heavens to implore His appearance?
  • In vain did Val implore him to take ship for his native land.
  • I implore you, sir, not to go," interrupted the priest.
  • I implore thee, Deal gently with the leaves that lie before thee!
  • I pray and implore you, with joined hands, fight not against France.
  • The sick implore St. Peter's shadow.
  • I promise everything: I swear anything; but put it down, I implore you.

How To Use Implore In A Sentence?

  • But again let me implore you to be on your guard against claiming to be its author.
  • She flung herself on her knees to implore mercy, but he cut her in four pieces.
  • Her first impulse was to throw herself at his feet and implore him to let her marry Nino.
  • The sisters wail for the dead hero, and implore him to "come to his own abode".
  • A lady came to implore his protection for one of her relations confined in the Abbaye.
  • I propose that we thank God for his mercies thus far, and implore his aid in the future.
  • I went to you at dawn that day to kneel before you, as I kneel now, and to implore your pardon.
  • But I implore you to keep my Elinor clear of anything that you call going the pace.
  • Don't, for God's sake, gentlemen, I implore you, put your names to such a ridiculous paper.
  • We had only so much time as to come hither to implore those favours which you have been generously pleased to grant us.
  • She wanted to run forward and throw herself at the feet of the other girl as she came staggering down from the stand and implore her pardon.
  • She wrote to him whom she had loved so long and truly, to implore that they might once more meet before they parted in peace for ever.

Definition of Implore

To beg urgently or earnestly. | To call upon or pray to earnestly; to entreat.
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