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  • Does authority always imply responsibility?
  • Possessing the one shall imply you've the other.
  • Does the command imply the immediate or the gradual conquest of nature?
  • He half-raised his hands, as if to imply the fatuity of the question.
  • Laws are rules by which agents act, and they always imply agents.

How To Use Imply In A Sentence?

  • Does not the very number of them imply that the nature of his art is not understood?
  • Or do you wish to imply that they are both at rest, when you say that they are?
  • A want of affinity does not necessarily imply an existing evil in the other party.
  • Nor need we imply from this analogy that it will take such an age to accomplish this result.
  • But there are things which really imply a contradiction, without being suspected to do so.
  • You mean by assenting to imply that he who says something must say some one thing?
  • That seems to me to imply a power, a capacity, an endowment, which repels me at the outset.
  • Does this story imply that every man has the right and capacity to become God-like?
  • The form of the disorder in one patient does not imply the necessity of another who caught it from him having it in the same form.
  • Provision was made that this should not imply the deprivation of the dwellers in country districts of the use of flesh meat.
  • All other means would imply the continual intervention of an authority that would be repugnant to free men.
  • I do not mean to imply by this that atrocities have not happened, but simply that it has been my good fortune not to come across any.
  • This does not imply that their lot is otherwise than hard, and the prolongation of the imprisonment adds terribly to the hardship.
  • We never speak of any real relation of objects unless thereby we mean to imply historical connection.
  • His invitation did not seem at all like a command, but it did seem to imply that a refusal would be out of the question.
  • Then she shut her lips tight and waved her hands distractedly after a manner she had when she wished to imply that she was suddenly stricken dumb.
  • Arrears so vast imply a corresponding accountability, corresponding by its amount, corresponding by its personal subjects.
  • Power, from its very nature and essence, is confined to the accomplishment of such things as are possible, or imply no contradiction.
  • It must be proved, if at all, from our own activity and designs, which imply an interminable future for their play.
  • It is true, those unjust criticisms did not originate with experts, or they would imply a dangerous under-estimation of the enemy.
  • The very freedom of the movement is not without suspicion, seeming to imply a state of the human mind which has entirely lost sight of facts.
  • I would not imply that John thought of the matter in these terms, but his reflections bore this significance.
  • An imperial policy does not necessarily imply such vagaries as the forcible detention of the forcibly annexed Boer republic.
  • I ask, if proficiency must imply profligacy, would you not rather find a man break down in his verbs than in his virtue?
  • If this be true, does it imply that Jehovah had no part in preparing the way for the future conquests of his people?
  • But in sentiency, feeling, or sensibility, the unity which all of these imply without reaching, is explicitly present.
  • It was Maria who jeeringly told us the story of the priest, who shrugged her shoulders to imply that he was a contemptible figure.
  • Surely our revered contemporary does not imply that the new Income Tax proposals will encourage polygamy.
  • The only thought that I notice here, is that expressed by the words in italics, which imply a denial of the right to interest.
  • Do the earliest Hebrew records imply that these were miracles or natural calamities peculiar to the land of Egypt?
  • It is a loud, strong, sonorous call, and does not seem to imply an answer, but rather to subserve some purpose of love or music.
  • Vergil seems to imply that the brogue as well as the name Cimber had been assumed to hide his Asiatic parentage.
  • We are a big organization, and I think a lot of people would think it was a whole lot larger if the name would imply that.
  • Do the earliest Hebrew traditions imply that the ancestors of the Israelites were worshippers of Jehovah?
  • And yet there was something in these few words which seemed to imply that if Mr. Blunt was looking for trouble he would certainly get it.

Definition of Imply

(transitive, of a proposition) to have as a necessary consequence | (transitive, of a person) to suggest by logical inference | (transitive, of a person or proposition) to hint; to insinuate; to suggest tacitly and avoid a direct statement
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