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  • She drew a long breath and smiled importantly at them.

How To Use Importantly In A Sentence?

  • He snorted importantly as the men looked on, and smote his palm with a ponderous fist.
  • No one but a Dennis will hesitate an instant in deciding which of the theories is the more importantly and eternally true one.
  • The clergyman, book in hand, stepped into the middle of the floor, and looked importantly religious.
  • Song of the Seaside Sparrow functions importantly in the establishment and maintenance of its territory.
  • What could Michael mean, standing there with his flag so importantly and that determined look upon his face?
  • He saw it almost as importantly as I, but from a different angle, because his choice was largely made and mine still hung in the balance.
  • In contrast to this perfervid haste, self-possessed young queens of the footlights lolled with their admirers, importantly believing they were recognized.
  • As if this audience was not sufficient, and to make the affair complete, we met Captain Dean strutting importantly on his way to the post-office.
  • If plain chant is to be restored, the first step is to train not only the clergy, as is already being done, but more importantly still, the schoolmasters.

Definition of Importantly

(sentence adverb) Used to mark a statement as having importance. | In an important manner.
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