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  • Who imposes his imperious laws?
  • Another quotation from Dr. Bradley imposes itself.
  • The duty it imposes is two-fold; 1.
  • An artist is one who imposes upon our legitimate aspirations.
  • Religion imposes an exclusive and entire regard upon its slaves.
  • The recipe is brief; the labor it imposes is more than Herculean.

How To Use Imposes In A Sentence?

  • Princes come from all quarters to ask her hand, and on one and all she imposes a condition.
  • In oligarchic governments, the governing class imposes burdens upon those it governs.
  • Ungrudgingly they assume the heavy burdens which this "exclusiveness" imposes upon them.
  • Thus it is that affluence, in the long run, itself imposes a check on reproduction.
  • An obligation, my honor imposes on me, requires me for at least a week to be absent from Sorrento.
  • When you get out into the world you will work out your own way of making briefs for any arguments that fate imposes on you.
  • These sacrifices and risks he may be willing to encounter for himself; but he will pause before he imposes them on his family.
  • If it imposes no more restraints than are necessary and imposes them equally, order and harmony are secured.
  • This also imposes upon the impresario a new contingency which threatens to make opera more and more expensive.
  • All this is over and above the engrossing duty which society imposes exclusively on women, of making themselves charming.
  • This imposes as a condition of success that the operation must be carried out at night, and not late in the night.
  • At certain seasons of the year this is not only easy and agreeable, but to do anything else imposes hardship.
  • Richelieu imposes the Gabelle tax, 144-145; siege of the Huguenots of La Rochelle, 282-286.
  • The corruption of democracies proceeds directly from the fact that one class imposes the taxes and another class pays them.
  • It is pretended that even if it should be a fiction, it is advantageous, because it imposes upon men and leads them to virtue.
  • It strives to restate the better aspirations of men generally, and to mitigate some of the pressure that civilization imposes upon them.
  • These by-laws are in practice limited to those inhabited by the poorer classes, although the act imposes no such restriction.
  • Parallelism, or at least the inner meaning of it, simply imposes certain conditions on a still real causation.
  • In order to be useful to others, one imposes himself on them, and runs the risk of violating their natural rights.
  • In relation to me it imposes on me a duty; in you it becomes the foundation of a right, and thereby imposes on me a new duty in relation to you.
  • Have we any reason to hope that this policy is not contrary to the hard laws which Nature imposes on every species in the world?
  • He seemed to address her as a friend, as an equal; and yet with the tenderness which difference of sex imposes upon a man of right feeling.
  • In Europe the parallel case is that of the cuckoo, and occasionally our own cuckoo imposes upon a robin or a thrush in the same manner.
  • How, it may be asked, does the 'direct descriptive method' escape the limitations which it imposes upon the other forms of reflective thought?
  • It is my duty to pronounce sentence of that punishment which not I, but the law of this country, imposes for the crime which you have committed.
  • The government, however, imposes a tax on all ethyl alcohol which amounts to $2.08 per gallon on the 94% product.
  • The latter consideration imposes upon strategy the requirement that the prescribed aim be possible of attainment with the power that can be made available.
  • This retirement imposes a regrettably necessary decision on the President of the Republic and the Government.
  • In a former dispatch I commented upon the difficulties and drawbacks which the Winter weather in this climate imposes upon a vigorous offensive.
  • Not less certain is it that the spirit of this commemoration imposes no task of vindication or defense, and tolerates no tone of adulation or applause.
  • No one is King of Cashel until Patrick's comarb ordains him and imposes the grade on him.
  • Then the question comes, "What is my duty to my wife or my husband?" for the act of making any contract imposes certain obligations.
  • The principle of politeness is the same among all nations, but the ceremonials which etiquette imposes differ according to the taste and habits of various countries.
  • It is not the pain felt by the victim that demands a corresponding pain; it is violated justice that imposes on the culpable man the expiation of suffering.

Definition of Imposes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of impose

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