Impossibility In A Sentence

Definition of Impossibility

Something that is impossible. | (uncountable) The quality of being impossible. | (obsolete) Inability; helplessness.

How To Use Impossibility In A Sentence?

  • The impossibility of so doing has become a matter of experience and of certain conviction.
  • We have got a fact there that all the metaphysics about impossibility cannot rob us of.
  • He realized the impossibility of explaining by scientific methods the supernatural.
  • To have expressed any gratitude would have been an absolute impossibility at that moment.
  • Of the species of the gold monies it would be almost an impossibility to speak.
  • His punishment brought with it as a consequence the impossibility of ever rising from the ranks.
  • Nothing but absolute physical impossibility is a sufficient excuse for disappointing an assembly.
  • There was room to lie down, but to sit up decently straight was an impossibility for me.
  • In a council of the powers the impossibility of storming these gates was fully made clear.
  • Hence we find that this first principle is an impossibility with the rigid local-effort school.
  • That shows that physical life is an impossibility without the entire physical environment.
  • Cynics talk of the impossibility of sitting opposite the same woman every day at breakfast.
  • It would have been a sheer impossibility to round the point at or slightly above sea-level.
  • The country was flooded with paper, which was secured on the impossibility of values continuing.
  • But when she got to her feet she realized the impossibility of such a thing, for she almost fell.
  • Hitched to ultron lines, it would be a virtual impossibility for them to break loose.
  • There would always be that gray, impassable sky and sea of impossibility between them.
  • Judgment and will asleep, he left the impossibility aside, and took the grandeur.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Impossibility | Impossibility Sentence

  • Then she recognized the impossibility of this.
  • Vita realized the impossibility at once.
  • Physical impossibility prohibited it.
  • It was an impossibility for the thing to have happened.
  • It is an utter impossibility under the circumstances.
  • At last impossibility shaped itself into a plan.
  • What kind of impossibility will not void a contract?
  • But her next words bared the impossibility of that.
  • Every great movement seems an impossibility at first.
  • To flatter was an impossibility with Leighton.
  • I have learnt something of the impossibility of History.
  • The Roman Gynaeceum would be an impossibility to-day.
  • There was no impossibility for which some one was not tried and convicted.
  • I find it an impossibility to make any sense out of this poem.
  • Such a conception was an utter impossibility to the fourteenth century.
  • And it is an absolute impossibility that such law ever should be broken.
  • Now it suddenly seemed a great impossibility for her to stay.
  • I explained the utter impossibility of aiding him in a project of this nature.
  • His attempt to prove the impossibility of the quadrature appeared in 1645.
  • What she knew was impossible, till now represented no impossibility to him.
  • At places farther in the country it seems an impossibility to get the tone.
  • The impossibility of knowledge is also the standpoint of Gorgias.

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