Improbable in a sentence

Definition of Improbable

Not likely to be true. | Not likely to happen.

Short Example Sentence for Improbable

  • 1. He thought that it was improbable that she did.
  • 2. It is improbable on its face.
  • 3. It is thought highly improbable by Mr. Hale (1840).
  • 4. Yet what can be more improbable than the worship of the cat for instance?
  • 5. Rochester is at his worst and most improbable in the telling of his tale.
  • 6. And never had this chance appeared more improbable to her than now.
  • 7. But enough of possibilities, of probable and improbable theories.
  • 8. I dare say it was caused by excessive reading of improbable romances.
  • 9. It was an improbable supposition, an impossible miracle, he knew.
  • 10. But those which, with improbable success, The valiant have attempted?

How to use Improbable in a Sentence?

  • 1. It is not improbable that several of the heathen myths have been derived from this source.
  • 2. Ismail proceeded to obey as if that were the least improbable order in all the world.
  • 3. It is by no means improbable that this process had its share in producing the results.
  • 4. There is nothing improbable in the statement that Taliesin dwelt in Brittany in the sixth century.
  • 5. In any case it is not improbable that the image may be faulty and as a consequence his appreciation of present conditions wholly inadequate.
  • 6. The evidence cannot be mustered into a compelling conclusion, but it may be worth while to reject the improbable suppositions.
  • 7. There are some champion liars in this country, and any amount of improbable yarns floating from one ear to another.
  • 8. It is not improbable that in the near future the world is to meet a surfeit of gold, as it is now meeting a surfeit of silver.
  • 9. It is no more impossible or improbable that something effective may be done in this way, than that the slave-trade should have been abolished.
  • 10. They would have been put in some disgusting place with all manner of afflicted people, and it is by no means improbable that they would have died.
  • 11. The promises of the future, too, seemed not improbable of fulfilment, for they were not extravagant promises.
  • 12. He had entirely lost the use of his limbs, and it was considered improbable that he would be able to come on farther with the army.
  • 13. When midday found him grudgingly laughing at her cackling, it seemed improbable certainly that midnight had seen him sleeping in her arms.
  • 14. All sorts of improbable plans flocked into his little brain under cover of the darkness, but always vanished when the daylight came.
  • 15. It seems not improbable that the heads may have been cut off first as the best way of making sure that a fallen enemy was certainly slain.
  • 16. There is, however, a third hypothesis, but it seems so highly improbable that it is hardly worth mentioning.
  • 17. It is improbable that he allowed himself to remain unacquainted with the disputations of the Sophists, many of whom were his own contemporaries.
  • 18. Besides, it seemed exceedingly improbable that he would have put on his best hat and shoes if bent on so speedy self- destruction.
  • 19. Unfortunately, up to that point I had nothing definite to go upon except the most wild and improbable suspicion.
  • 20. There is nothing in itself improbable in the belief that Pythagoras made these travels, but it cannot be accepted as proved for lack of evidence.
  • 21. It may perhaps sound improbable in view of the President's behavior at Versailles.
  • 22. But it was not improbable that the enemy might evade the patrolling cruisers, and descend upon the hapless Falklands without warning.
  • 23. It is not improbable that when she bent over the foot she was supposed to be inhaling or swallowing the anito which she later sought to cast from her.
  • 24. Since modern science is of very recent development it was quite improbable for such a conception of life to have been held clearly before modern times.
  • 25. This excellent witness writes: "It is extremely improbable that their legends were the result of the teaching of missionaries or others".
  • 26. Another story is told of a sailor who asked some miners resting at noon where he could dig and as a joke was directed to a most improbable side hill.
  • 27. But, indeed, I prefer fiction, and am resolved never in future to make an excursion into the crude and improbable regions of reality.
  • 28. Indeed, besides the bearing of these views on the happiness of the children, it is not at all improbable that the question of health may be seriously involved in them.
  • 29. The improbable possibility (But why improbable?) that the girl was being joined by her father, or by friends, annoyed him with illogical intensity.
  • 30. It is by no means improbable that their present owners would be glad to be rid of them on generous terms, which provided for a nominal ownership and an occasional occupation.