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  • Anything impromptu will do.
  • She found herself holding an impromptu reception.
  • Pisgah, an impromptu one, 100.
  • Take, for instance, the Impromptu Op.
  • Children, Lines on, 8 Impromptu on, 189.
  • Such an environment fairly cried aloud for impromptu fiddling.
  • Many an evening we spent listening to one of his impromptu recitals.
  • He made his way slowly to the impromptu shed which served for a garage.
  • At length he went to the piano, and beat an impetuous impromptu on the keys.
  • Give me your man of impromptu readiness, never unprepared, never at a loss.
  • As I sat in the office, they gave me a sort of impromptu reception.
  • Other novelties I saw, about which I could make no such happy impromptu guess.
  • In Seymour's there was tumult and an impromptu indignation meeting.

How To Use Impromptu In A Sentence?

  • Finally, she frankly accepted their suggestion that she should join their impromptu picnic.
  • At a long impromptu table women were just as rapidly folding the fleeces ready for market.
  • The men had brought bedding and blankets and they made impromptu shelters to keep off the fog.
  • Then for a time they were silent, waiting for the impromptu council to reach a conclusion.
  • Among the impromptu acts would be some tableaux, and the surplice was needed for a church scene.
  • Where impromptu dancing is resorted to, as it so often is, another hour is sometimes added.
  • Harriet and Hazel were capering about the fire, holding an impromptu war dance.
  • At a turn in the road Ballard came suddenly upon what appeared to be an impromptu game of polo.
  • You will see that we have anticipated his impromptu observations by carefully premeditating our impromptu reply.
  • And he had a genius for playing impromptu Providence when you were down on your luck and about all in.
  • Tom came up with a dish of pilot bread and a jar of marmalade, and there was an impromptu feast in the cockpit.
  • Good order and fellowship prevailed in these impromptu settlements and the common ruin and poverty made all of the unfortunates akin.
  • The impromptu judge took his seat on the bench, and the excited multitude once more subsided into quiet.
  • Ben sent these words through an impromptu speaking trumpet made with one hand curved around his mouth.
  • The blacks had a disagreeable habit of prowling about in the night and peeping at their guests as they tried to sleep in the impromptu hammocks.
  • Instead of reading a printed sermon as usual, he gave an impromptu address relating to the event of the early morning.
  • In the meanwhile, the only affairs which give them pleasure are the little impromptu ones arranged on the spur of the moment between friends.
  • Dolly was very fond of chocolate; and this little impromptu supper by the drawing-room fire did more to quiet and reassure her than anything else.
  • Her right foot lay stiffly across his arm, held straight and still in an impromptu splint of umbrellas and handkerchiefs.
  • One night some ladies formed a sort of impromptu dancing-school in the drawing-room of an hotel in France.
  • She gave another jump, a louder crow, and lighted on her feet, in no way discomposed by her impromptu leap.
  • Numerous visitors came from the fashionable hotel down the mountain, where, the next evening, an impromptu entertainment was given to us.
  • If the proper person has been chosen for Justice a great deal of fun may be caused by the impromptu imposition of ridiculous penalties.
  • A lady planning an impromptu tea or lawn party gets out her calling list, reaches for the telephone, and issues her amiable summons.
  • Even the keen reflections of General Harrison respecting the prepared impromptu speeches shall not deter us.
  • I easily guessed that she was giving me an impromptu part in a play of her own composition, and I was to be a 'deux ex machina'.
  • The 'judge' then pronounced the court adjourned, and the crowd escorted Mulock and the impromptu executioners to the site of the old distilleries.

Definition of Impromptu

Improvised; without prior preparation, planning or rehearsal. | (music) A short musical composition for an informal occasion often with the character of improvisation and usually to be played solo. | (by extension) Any composition, musical or otherwise, that is created on the spot without preparation.
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