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  • A slight digression may not be improper here.
  • Beating down Prices improper in Wealthy People.
  • Show some of the effects of improper food upon the inferior animals.
  • What unworthy plan, what improper calculation influenced her?
  • The evil consists in the abuse or improper use, and not in the institution.
  • It was quite a long walk and the dog was weak from improper food and care.
  • But the next verses are so improper that I pretend not to understand.

How To Use Improper In A Sentence?

  • There has in all ages and climes been a tendency to the improper use of stimulants.
  • It may not be improper to bestow a few brief remarks on these different schemes.
  • In the first place, it is very improper for lovers to be out so late at night, without a chaperon.
  • Among the problem areas he mentioned insects, fungi, bacteria and improper management.
  • I saw at once, however, that the demand was preposterous, and made in improper language.
  • Evinced willingness to follow unwise leadership and allow themselves to be talked into improper courses of action.
  • On the other hand, improper answers that have been seriously censured remain fixed in his recollection.
  • This is an improper way of dealing with the works of the dead; especially when the reprints are of popular works.
  • He has passions of the same kind as other young men, but has judgment enough not to indulge them in any improper excess.
  • What, if you're not thinking of an utterly improper person, do your speeches to me signify?
  • Some, especially retailers, ruin themselves by fixing their shops in such places as are improper for their business.
  • It is proper for a superior to use language and manners of freedom and familiarity, which would be improper from a subordinate to a superior.
  • Such warm caresses she intuitively felt must be improper in the highest degree, even on the eve of marriage.
  • It seems very improper for me to be at a ball; but you see that, on the contrary, it is propriety that carries me thither.
  • In her poems she is a novelist, striving and struggling for expression in a cramped form, an imperfect and improper medium.
  • The chief cause of the degeneracy of the Fehm-courts was the admission of improper persons into the society.
  • Not to take him an offering was as improper as in the East it still is to approach a chief or great man without some present.
  • Aunt Harriet had more than hinted that many dark and even improper problems had been unravelled in tears beside her couch.
  • Let me also add that never on any occasion did I hear or see among them anything in the slightest degree improper or unrefined.
  • This proceeding was, in my opinion (and not in mine only), irregular and improper to say the least of it, but it was highly characteristic.
  • It seems not improper to say a word here regarding some of my commonest impressions of the Bontoc Igorot.
  • Any transaction with the Turkish Government involving money was open to suspicion of improper methods and bribery.
  • It is therefore no improper speech to say, such a man drives his trade; for, in short, if trade is not driven, it will not go.
  • The feeling had grown up that in order to maintain the prestige of the soldier in the eyes of the natives it was highly improper that he should ever do any labor.
  • He said his presence there would be an unfair and improper influence and that if he was to be nominated the compliment must come to him as a free and unspotted gift.
  • They have no sort of connection with the good or the ill behavior of the persons who seek relief, or with the proper or improper means by which they seek it.
  • The waste of minerals used in building is due to improper and reckless methods of taking them from the ground and preparing them for market and in careless methods in manufacturing.
  • When we bring before us the matter which history affords for our selection, it is not improper to examine the spirit of the several precedents which are candidates for our choice.
  • It would be improper that the Virgin Mother should be allowed to see corruption if her Son was exempted from the indignity.
  • If this objection have any force, we are persuaded that it arises from an improper wording, or presentation, of the truth against which it is directed.
  • Especially when grandpa added his bass to the music, a deep bass so impressive as to make it improper to question its harmony, even in your own mind.
  • If the brain of the child is free from defects at birth, and acquires no improper impressions in infancy, it will not easily become diseased in after life.
  • Out of these proceed illiberal sentiments, improper jealousies, and a train of evils which oftentimes in republican governments must be sorely felt before they can be removed.

Definition of Improper

unsuitable to needs or circumstances; inappropriate; inapt | Not in keeping with conventional mores or good manners; indecent or immodest | Not according to facts; inaccurate or erroneous
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