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  • Further, +imus+ denotes the lowest in a purely local relation; +infimus+, with the accessory notion of the lowest rank.
  • The corporation of Augustinian Recollect fathers owned (also before the war) in Filipinas their convent and church of Manila, together with those of Cavite, San Sebastian, and Cebu, and the house and estate of Imus; and in Espana the colleges of Monteagudo, of Marcilla, and of San Millan de la Cogulla--the total number of their religious being 522.
  • anne magis Siculi gemuerunt aera iuvenci, et magis auratis pendens laquearibus ensis 40 purpureas subter cervices terruit, 'imus, imus praecipites' quam si sibi dicat et intus palleat infelix, quod proxima nesciat uxor?
  • milium circa ludum faber imus & ungues Exprimet, & molles imitabitur ore capillos; Infelix operis summa, quia ponere totum Nesciet; hunc ego me, si quid componere curem, Non magis esse velim, quam

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  • Blanco has seen the plant growing in Ilocos and Imus.
  • praecipites imus, 3, 42.
  • Scelestus_. IMPONERE, see _Fallere_. IMUS; INFIMUS.
  • imus esset
  • #imus#:
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