In Both In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Both | In Both Sentence

  • She took it in both her own.
  • In both xvli.
  • Patience caught it in both of hers.
  • In both vijli.
  • He caught it in both his own.
  • I was disappointed in both.
  • Gangrene in both feet.
  • It was in both their minds.
  • And there are artists in both galleries.
  • The same doubt was in both their minds.
  • Unquestionably they are produced in both ways.
  • The essential characteristics are the same in both.
  • Milton confesses himself in both ways.
  • She took it in both of hers and held it.
  • There was danger in both directions.
  • The bills are hooked in both.
  • Laymen receive in both kinds.
  • I have since found it in both.
  • Mackie had passed in both portions.
  • Something was killing the poison in both.
  • It burns in both camps.
  • It is step by step in both.
  • But in both these things he was premature.
  • There might be something in both.
  • In both cases it was an accident.
  • I had the sittywaytion in both gauntlets.
  • And there was the same thought in both our minds.
  • He took her hand in both of his.
  • The same idea was in both their minds.
  • It is bankruptcy in both cases.
  • He keeps it fast in both his own.
  • Communion was celebrated in both kinds.
  • Humility in both is an essential duty.
  • He seized her hands in both of his own.
  • Tracks stretching out in both directions.

How To Use In Both In A Sentence?

  • The vowel is against it in both cases.
  • Color dark in both summer and winter.
  • It is of sovereign effect in both things.
  • It was a great moment in both lives.
  • In both games the school had been beaten.
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