In Camp In A Sentence

How To Use In Camp In A Sentence?

  • The second night in camp was pleasantly passed.
  • Tom remained in camp, the chief being with him.
  • You will have to take lessons in camp-fire cookery.
  • In a few days we have all become very learned in camp-life.
  • We find the wives of generals in camp with their husbands.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Camp | In Camp Sentence

  • And the woman was in camp.
  • And we are not yet in camp.
  • Just have all the fun you can in camp.
  • They had been in camp for a week.
  • Detained in camp on parole.
  • Twas becoming very uncomfortable in camp.
  • There was no more sleep in camp that night.
  • Cigars are now rarely seen in camp.
  • Disappointments were frequent enough in camp.
  • Nobody in camp slept that night.
  • The rackets should be made in camp.
  • Had there been no woman in camp since then?
  • Millions of men are in camp and on warships.
  • In a few minutes we were in camp and at home.
  • In camp we found them doing the best they could for him.
  • They show the same team-work here as when in camp.
  • Down there in camp everything was straight and systematic.
  • Even grandmothers were frequently seen in camp.
  • In camp we talked about moving on to the mines.
  • This rule is one of the strictest in camp.
  • There was not a single drop of water in camp!
  • Right at that moment there was a great bustle in camp.
  • Meanwhile in camp the comedy was drawing to a close.
  • Signs of life were already visible in camp.
  • Brayley will be in camp some time to-night.
  • We were to remain in camp to await his report.
  • Very few accidents need happen in camp.
  • Wire and string are our special hobbies in camp.
  • I remembered a roundelay that we had sung in camp.
  • Most of the men in camp are asleep or reading.
  • I was a connoisseur in camp-fires and a lover of them.
  • During the whole forenoon they remained in camp.
  • She remained in camp five days.
  • On the 15th we had quite a sensation in camp.
  • Annie did not long remain the only baby in camp.
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