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  • This shall help you in establishing more love within you.
  • He had powerful friends who aided him in establishing an alibi.
  • He was too absorbed in establishing reasons for thinking well of himself.
  • Neither is there much trouble in establishing the site of his industry.
  • If he succeeded in establishing a strong position of his own, she would yield.
  • Judge Little was making no progress in establishing the will.

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  • The direct initiative of those authorities in establishing universities by decree.
  • Newspapers are sometimes important in fixing a date and in establishing the whereabouts of a man.
  • The newcomers did not spend much time in establishing themselves comfortably or luxuriously.
  • In this capacity he aided in establishing neighborhood schools wherever teachers could be found.
  • We are allies, assisting in establishing the rights and independence of another nation.
  • In establishing a rule of future apportionment, great diversity of opinion was expressed.
  • Nowhere had the Revolution succeeded in establishing a regular and stable system of liberty.
  • The usage of all Nations agrees with common reason in establishing this great principle.
  • It succeeded in establishing religious liberty in Pennsylvania in the fullest sense of the word.
  • No Indians had troubled us, and we felt safe in establishing headquarters here and beginning work.
  • The Scotch succeeded in establishing the same kind of theocracy that flourished in Geneva.
  • F. A. Picton there are instances on record in which they succeeded in establishing their claim.
  • Look to it, in establishing Such precedent thou dost not lay in store Repentance for thyself.
  • The divisions of Alvarado and Olid met with no resistance in establishing themselves at Tlacopan.
  • Mr. Childs has been largely instrumental in establishing a small city at Wayne Station.
  • They were not long in establishing the descent of Mr. Aubrey from Geoffrey Dreddlington.
  • For nearly twelve years I had been privileged to assist in establishing His Cause in Hawaii.
  • An Alexandrian astronomer (Sosigenes) assisted in establishing the new (Julian) calendar.
  • The opportunity is now before it to lead the way in establishing the only kind of equality which is really worth having.
  • Hammer assured him that it would not pass beyond him in case that it had no value in establishing his innocence.
  • Indeed the very persistence of a nobility was in itself a favorable factor in establishing a better position for women.
  • He was important because of his part in establishing the profession of teaching and for his doctrines upholding good government.
  • Englishmen have thought that they had at last succeeded in establishing a tribunal which would decide with impartiality and justice.
  • At the same time there are many difficulties to be overcome in establishing a manufacturing business in a new country.
  • It might be of the greatest use to us in establishing the unfortunate man's identity.
  • In truth, she will be the greatest factor in establishing universal peace and international arbitration.
  • The unexpected disappointments experienced in establishing the self-help department are worthy of a brief mention.
  • Hence the wrangling and the failure in establishing any kind of united will, which prevents anything at all being done.
  • And it cannot be too strongly emphasized that regular daily work in early life is invaluable in establishing habits of industry.
  • These conquerors of the continent have not in the main succeeded in establishing either stable forms of government or high types of civilisation.
  • He was a military genius with great ambitions, and was successful in establishing by conquest a small but brilliant empire.
  • The enumeration is at best provisional, but in its totality cannot go far wrong in establishing the measure of a man.
  • Is completely honest and does not exhibit bias, prejudice, or sentiment in establishing personnel evaluations.
  • Reasons, every one of these, for even the conservative to aid in establishing local self-government.
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