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  • Shakespeare in Harlem.
  • Autobiographical study of life in Harlem.
  • Yet in Harlem there was a broken old man who would not like it.
  • No longer on the heights, she was in a trivial room in Harlem.
  • She's been to the real things, and they calls 'em "at homes" in Harlem.
  • "Denver married an auburn-haired widow that owns a big hotel in Harlem.

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  • The men who kept carriages were few and they generally lived in Harlem or Manhattanville.
  • She walked for hours, planlessly, and dined at a bakery and lunch-room in Harlem.
  • But now a waiter was bringing delicacies other than those obtainable in Harlem; in particular, a dish that had the merit of pleasing Cassy.
  • He'd never rode in the subway before, of course, but he went to readin' the soaps ads just as natural as if he lived in Harlem.
  • Not long after this the Dutch say Coster had made movable types and was printing and selling books in Harlem.
  • Reaching for the bundle, she stood up and went her way, across the Park, to the subway, from which she got out in Harlem.
  • And here stood Ida, thumping, thumping on the ironing press, nine hours, lacking ten minutes, a day, on the sixth floor of a laundry in Harlem, that we in Manhattan might be more civilized.
  • So contagious was the spell of this laughter that there was nothing for it but to put on the record, which gave a dog fight in Harlem from the time the bets were made till the spotted dog licked and the place was raided by the police.
  • Originally owning land in the lower part of Manhattan, they then bought land in Yorkville, then added to their possessions in Harlem, and later in the Bronx, in which part of New York City they now own immense areas.
  • An' in comes the inspector this mornin' with an order when I came back on, to report to McClusky, up in Harlem, an' help shoo the goats away from eatin' up the new sidewalks in front of the five-dollar-instalment lots.
  • A voluble French woman, whose husband was a pastry cook in a New York hotel before he joined the forces, told me how she had wandered from one war movie to another hoping to catch a glimpse of her husband, and had finally seen "some one who resembled him strongly" on the screen in Harlem.
  • She accosts him, and the aged one informs her in a faint voice that he works in Harlem and has been sent by his boss to set a pane of glass on Varick Street; but not knowing exactly where Varick Street is, he has got off the elevated at Fifty-ninth Street and finds that he is still several miles from his destination.
  • Though the questions inspired by the exceptional Miss Magen and the defiant Mrs. Lawrence kept her restless, her association with the play-girls, her growing acquaintanceship with women who were easy-minded, who had friends and relatives and a place in the city, who did not agonize about their jobs or their loves, who received young men casually and looked forward to marriage and a comfortable flat in Harlem, made Una feel the city as her own proper dwelling.
  • Jack made as much money as any of his high grade fellow traders in Harlem, and he had no home responsibilities, his widow mother being what we might call well-to-do, for she owned considerable real estate in that vicinity, yet, Jack, every Monday morning had to obtain a loan for his carfare, and more than half a dozen young ladies all around Manhattan were particularly interested in Jack's welfare.
  • Our music-loving people will have at their own doors a genuine artistic treat--such a one as has never been given in Harlem before--and we doubt not they will appreciate it and fill St. Cecilia's Church to overflowing.
  • Commodore Vanderbilt, who apparently never forgot that first dinner, once advised: "Mac, sell everything you have and put it in Harlem stock; it is now twenty-four; you will make more money than you know how to take care of."
  • "I give you all the money you want or rather--you take it,--and I don't kick up a row, except when the market goes to pieces--" "When you act as though we'd have to live in Harlem--which couldn't be much worse," she interrupted. "
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