In Hopes In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Hopes | In Hopes Sentence

  • In hopes to see her once again.
  • But she lived in hopes.
  • I liv in hopes they will.
  • I was in hopes of recieving a letter by him.
  • In hopes he would amend.
  • I wildly gazed around me, in hopes of seeing him rise.
  • I was in hopes I had got rid of you.
  • I was in hopes I should get out without waking any of you.
  • I was in hopes I could get took in.
  • In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.
  • He was in hopes to meet, by some accident, Miss Burns.
  • But now I'm in hopes as I'll soon get better.
  • May we be in hopes?
  • I am in hopes that my presence will be of some benefit to her.
  • Child is placed by gate of town in hopes it will recognize its father.
  • He jumped up several times in hopes of getting out by that means.
  • I was in hopes you'd be better, sir.
  • From these circumstances, we were in hopes they had brought us good news.
  • I stopped and listened, in hopes of hearing the crack of a rifle.
  • Do you hold forth your gifts, in hopes to make me love you less?
  • I advanced nearer, in hopes that life might not be altogether extinct.
  • I'm in hopes she's got b'iled dish.
  • Could it be that Burleigh lingered on in hopes of their reappearance below?
  • The captain is in hopes of a most favourable run to the Cape.
  • He was going to Europe in hopes that the voyage would restore him.
  • All right, I'll be in hopes of it.

How To Use In Hopes In A Sentence?

  • Shorty was rubbing it in on his old tormentor in hopes to provoke him to a fight.
  • I was in hopes of finding some of these worthies to talk with, but was disappointed.
  • To these proposals we cheerfully acceded, in hopes of facilitating our deliverance.
  • Probably he had only meant to threaten, in hopes of causing us to arrest our flight.
  • I am in hopes you will find us returned generally to sentiments worthy of former times.
  • They fired their rifles and shouted loud in hopes of halting her, but all to no purpose.
  • Both boats waited patiently all night in hopes of her coming out, but were disappointed.
  • Zinka asked the doctor, in hopes perhaps of staving off a conservative outburst from her husband.
  • To poke over the river gravel in hopes of finding a chance stone would be sheer waste of time.
  • They determined to cross, in hopes of finding a country that might afford them better sustenance.
  • In hopes of winning it back again, he then had sold his team, and lost that money too.
  • She refuses my forgiveness, in hopes by this generous device, to extort it from my compassion.
  • The dames also gazed in envious silence, and in hopes that the supplicant would be refused.
  • We anchored before the town, and stayed till the sixth day in hopes to get a ransom.
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