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  • The Highway Department expended in Jackson County during 1917 and 1918 the sum of $86,619.88.
  • He was also the possessor of a considerable amount of landed property and real estate, among which were several buildings in Jackson..
  • Two-thirds of the remaining families in Jackson are part families with relatives who have recently migrated to the North.
  • Colonel Winchester informed the young officers that they would remain in Jackson two or three days, and then great events might be expected.
  • I was informed in Jackson that the armory at Columbus, Miss., had been removed into the State of Alabama.
  • It was not the torrent of loud imprecation that Dick had heard in Jackson, but subdued, and all the more fierce because it was so like the ferocious whine of a powerful and hurt wild animal.
  • That's why he made the separation from our own world so complete, and our men are out cutting down the telegraph lines, so the Johnnies in Jackson can't communicate with their own government either.
  • Newspaper man in Jackson, Ohio, Oklahoma City, and Boston until 1916, now devotes himself entirely to fiction.
  • Samples from various localities in Jackson County, Oregon, are slightly smaller than these, but are larger than specimens from the southern Sierra Nevada.
  • On arriving at Ponchatula, she took the cars on the New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad, and in a few hours was in Jackson.
  • Two of the eliminations, however, were brought about by grade separations; one near Rex in Washington County and another near Ashland in Jackson County, both of these grade separations being undercrossings.
  • Admiration for him was born the day he pushed O'Meara out of his office and down a flight of stairs because he had undertaken to suggest that which should be done with the timber in Jackson County.
  • Fort Osage, soon to be named Fort Clark, stood on the right bank of the Missouri, a short distance northeast of Independence, in Jackson County, Missouri.
  • Lead and copper have been discovered in abundance in Jackson, Josephine, and Douglas Counties, on Cow Creek, a tributary of the Umpqua River, and also on the Santiam among the Cascades.
  • A few days after Mrs. Wentworth had sold her last piece of furniture, Dr. Humphries was walking along one of the principal streets in Jackson when he was stopped by a crowd that had gathered in front of an auction mart.
  • It also provides funds for the grading of the road bed on the Columbia River Highway in Clatsop, Columbia and Hood River Counties and on the Pacific Highway in Jackson County.
  • They found an old acquaintance in Jackson county and Government land all around him, and, searching till they found the section corner, they found the number of the lots they wanted to locate on--200 acres in all.
  • They were not brought back to Panola; but were hired out to different farmers along the road home--some in Jackson, some in Granda and others in Panola town.
  • The editor of a leading white paper in Jackson, Mississippi, made the remark that he feared that the result of the first winter's experience in the North would prove serious to the South, in so far as it would remove the bugbear of the northern climate.
  • After having seen what I could to advantage in Jackson, I went to General Johnston and showed him my pass from General Price, and told him that I wanted him, if agreeable to his good will and pleasure, to give me a permit to visit Vicksburg and return.
  • About two miles west father's farm in Jackson county Mich., lived Ami Filley, who moved here from Connecticut and settled about two and a half miles from the town of Jackson, then a small village with plenty of stumps and mudholes in its streets.
  • Dick heard, too, that the redoubtable Joe Johnston was coming to take command of the Southern garrison in Jackson, and a leader less bold than Grant might have shrunk from such a circle of enemies, but Grant's own courage increased the spirit of his men, and they were full of faith.
  • As I was about to leave General Grant's apartment, the door opened from the Adjutant-General's office, and in stepped the South Carolina General who had taken my field-glasses from me at the Confederate House, in Jackson, Mississippi.
  • A very observant man familiar with Jackson and Madison counties of Georgia, both of which are out of the Black Belt, and who now lives where negroes outnumber the whites, not long ago made this comparison, while answering my inquiries: "In Jackson and Madison the whites work.
  • (Smoky Eulenberg lives about three blocks northwest of the courthouse in Jackson.

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  • Dey buried huh in Jackson.
  • Whip any man in Jackson County.
  • Whip any man in Jackson County.
  • Whip ary man in Jackson County!
  • Brought up in Jackson, Ohio.
  • Will be in Jackson on to-morrow's train.
  • Originated on the grounds of this nursery company in Jackson county, Fla.
  • A negro in Jackson was buying a $1,000 house, on which he had paid $700.
  • Wages in Jackson increased from $1 and $1.25 to $1.35 and $1.50 per day.
  • Eejit--the best man in Jackson County.
  • In Jackson, moreover, there first appeared upon our national stage
  • 112 in Jackson County, Ala.
  • Me and my father, we can lick ary two men in Jackson County."
  • "I wonder what kind of hotels they have in Jackson.
  • "I can whip any man in Jackson County.
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