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  • In June he came again.
  • This was late in June.
  • It was a beautiful day in June.
  • It was a soft day in June.
  • That beautiful morning in June!
  • And what is so rare as a day in June?
  • It is best to make it in June.
  • He returns to town in June.
  • But the first day in June.
  • The book went to press in June.
  • The nesting season is early in June.
  • It was a beautiful moonlight evening in June.
  • The summer solstice occurs in June.
  • It was early in June when they reached this place.
  • On a night in June . .
  • It was a beautiful morning early in June.
  • Gay as a honey-bee humming in June.
  • They would arrive sometime in June.
  • In June the farmer mows his hay.
  • The height of the nesting season is in June.
  • A record flight was made in June.
  • This happens in June and generally at nightfall.
  • It was issued in June, 1915.
  • The two or three eggs are laid in June.
  • They number from four to six and are laid in June.
  • The heads become huge when started in June.
  • It was a bright sunny morning early in June.
  • Buxton was in high glee on this particular morning in June.
  • In June there are four, viz.
  • In June the gathering of the hay may be witnessed.
  • In June 1850 the gold coins were called in.
  • The two or three eggs are laid in June.
  • In June, the copious bloom is yellow.
  • They breed in June laying three or four eggs.
  • The first performance will take place probably in June.

How To Use In June In A Sentence?

  • His death occurred in June, 1629.
  • This chapter was organized in June, 1898.
  • She remembered the thunderstorm in June, and her fears.
  • It was a damp, cool day in June.
  • It was early in June, and the country was at its best.
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