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  • Wild life in Kentucky.
  • Slavery times in Kentucky.
  • And how on earth do you amuse yourself in Kentucky?
  • Spring was now deep and green in Kentucky.
  • My father lived in Kentucky.
  • It is his last night in Kentucky.
  • I lived with my parents in Kentucky.
  • These institutions have sprung up rapidly in Kentucky.
  • It can only mean that he owed money in Kentucky.
  • The negroes have lately decreased in Kentucky.
  • The scene of this story is laid in Kentucky.
  • What looseness characterized early surveys in Kentucky?
  • It was down in Kentucky, at the home of his boyhood.
  • Tom was bred in Kentucky, where no cotton was grown.
  • Snow lay on the ground, but not so deep as in Kentucky.
  • In Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Their Influence in Kentucky.
  • His Experience in Kentucky.
  • In Kentucky I have kin.
  • Education, in Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Hunt Rennie had lived in Kentucky over a year once.
  • I have been in Kentucky, Kirby.
  • He asked me what I thought about things in Kentucky.
  • In Kentucky and Michigan fully as long a time.
  • That first summer in Kentucky was a strange time to Joan.
  • We left my Papa in Kentucky as he belonged to another man.
  • Its Abortive Efforts in Kentucky.
  • The Civil War and readjustment in Kentucky.
  • Tom was purchased in Kentucky and sold in New Orleans.
  • Benton errs in thinking that the hunter was the pioneer in Kentucky.
  • But the boy remembered a preacher whom they had known in Kentucky.
  • In Kentucky, intermarriages between the races are not allowed.
  • God wasn't the same in Kentucky, some way.
  • It was a favorite drink in Kentucky till well into this century.
  • My owners had a stock farm and raised de finest stock in Kentucky.
  • We would eat chicken and pound cake and of course whiskey made in Kentucky.
  • Here we are in Kentucky, in the centre, with three hundred miles to defend.

How To Use In Kentucky In A Sentence?

  • He learned from casual talk on the trains that affairs in Kentucky were very hot.
  • He had never been in Kentucky, and so anticipated that it would be a great treat to him.
  • But it was so much better than the old cabin in Kentucky that it seemed like a palace.
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