In Miami in a sentence

Short Example Sentence for In Miami

  • 1. Words and Sentences in Miami.
  • 2. The Nipe had robbed an optical products company in Miami.
  • 3. But what's going on in Miami?
  • 4. According to them, Flarion died of a heart attack, and not even in Miami Beach.
  • 5. It happened maybe a month ago, in Miami?"
  • 6. "There was another raid in Miami, Colonel.

How to use In Miami in a Sentence?

  • 1. In missing that conference in Miami last night, my entire business interests were jeopardized.
  • 2. The disappearances were in Los Angeles and in Miami, and the hospitalizations were pretty much all over.
  • 3. But Dad and I have slews of friends in Miami, and we may need friends badly before we're clear of this business.
  • 4. And, before his sudden death during a disagreement in Miami, Giacomo "Jack the Ripper"