In More In A Sentence

How To Use In More In A Sentence?

  • I longed to arrange them in more orderly fashion.
  • But the two poets differ in more points than one.
  • And the comparison holds good in more respects than one.
  • In more general use is the reaper or self-binder.
  • She found in this same bird a helper in more ways than one.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In More | In More Sentence

  • Somebody must have done it in more than this.
  • I am in more or less of a hurry.
  • In more melodious waves.
  • But he locked in more than he bargained for.
  • It is of use in more ways than one.
  • In more recent times they bury it.
  • The case had been the same in more recent times.
  • Then the visitors thronged in more quickly.
  • He could do it in more ways than one.
  • This is very desirable in more ways than one.
  • War is hell in more than one respect.
  • Neale was ingenious in more ways than one.
  • One draws in more and more as one is used up.
  • Put in more feeling and not so much motion.
  • Private subscriptions came in more slowly.
  • And now the water came in more rapidly.
  • She convinced herself of that in more ways than one.
  • But he had also been in more than usual high spirits.
  • We then steamed into the bank and took in more prisoners.
  • His very actions betray it in more ways than one.
  • It had been a momentous year for him in more ways than one.
  • And keeping open to it in more than any one relationship.
  • But it was not an agreeable meal in more ways than one.
  • Dara was behind the times in more ways than one.
  • Sauces may be useful in more ways than one.
  • It hurts her in more ways than you can ever suspect.
  • He had never shone in more noble beauty.
  • And he was greatly changed in more ways than one.
  • The windows face in more than one direction.
  • Julius, fetch in more candles.
  • Stubbs jumped at the sound and looked in more closely.
  • Never was man placed in more terrible straits than this.
  • It was a genial atmosphere in more ways than one.
  • Why did the bullets spare me in more than twenty battles?
  • The others followed in more leisurely fashion.
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