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  • This is unmarked in previous editions.
  • All this is the result of work in previous lives.
  • The same or similar metaphors are used in previous songs.
  • After what has been said in previous chapters it is unnecessary to enlarge.
  • Open the tubes and charge the loop as in previous inoculation.
  • The regulations regarding the march have been explained in previous orders.
  • Freneau added it to many poems which in previous editions had been unsigned.
  • How Christianity worked during that period has been shown in previous pages.
  • Several of your remarks in previous letters I shall carefully consider.
  • The sable, ermine, and chinchilla are, as in previous years, most fashionable.
  • But how did France acquire Alsace-Lorraine in previous times?

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  • I have described in previous chapters what it was like to be under an intense bombardment.
  • In previous days her natural disposition had evidently been kept under restraint.
  • Potentiality in his philosophy takes the place of not-being in previous systems.
  • I have in previous lectures attempted to make clear the distinction between causes and reasons.
  • Following this, as in previous instances, the activity of the human being is resumed for a while.
  • I had sung in private drawingrooms in previous seasons, and had also given a recital.
  • As may have been noticed in previous examples, the arles did not necessarily consist of a penny.
  • Sixty-seven fewer babies were born in one Surrey village last year than in previous years.
  • What I for my part think of honours of that kind I have told you in previous letters.
  • In previous years I've grown entire rows of dry legume seeds at the garden's edge.
  • Buddha was supposed to have lived many times and there are many tales of his deeds in previous lives.
  • Extracts from the cross-examination are here given as illustrations of many of the suggestions which have been discussed in previous chapters.
  • No infestation had been noted in previous years, although in 1945 the crop was not harvested at all.
  • When former customers apply for credit the merchant is guided by the record made in previous dealings.
  • The 19th century witnessed an extension of the commercial relations of mankind of which there was no parallel in previous history.
  • And they are very cowardly and inexcusable resolutions, spiteful in excess of any ever passed in previous years.
  • Food does not invigorate the system, except it is changed, as has been described in previous paragraphs.
  • The figure given in previous publications as a maximum working temperature for smoke-houses was 110 deg.
  • How great is the amount of foreign capital continually loaned out in this country has been several times suggested in previous pages.
  • Occasionally used to call attention to a fine new release or the discovery of an old title overlooked in previous bibliographies.
  • In previous chapters we have had a chance to talk with considerable irritation about much of what the Patriots did.
  • Sound planning is, as explained in previous chapters, the best basis for consistently effective action.
  • Since the full and itemized details of these transactions have been elaborated upon in previous chapters, it is hardly necessary to repeat them.
  • We acknowledge them with thanks, but do not print them, as they vary only slightly from recipes given in previous numbers.
  • We could all surely depend on one another, for in previous expeditions our mutual friendship had been put to the proof.
  • As in previous instances of pestilence, there was no enforced isolation of the diseased, and no relief of the suffering poor.
  • For instance, they may be nitrated as described in previous articles and used for making smokeless powder or celluloid.
  • This would seem to be an unnecessary refinement in a new building, if observance is given to the suggestions made in previous paragraphs.
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