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  • Food goes up in price.
  • Why this extraordinary difference in price?
  • Raw materials are likely to fall in price.
  • They are more liable to stretch and are high in price.
  • Rise (in price) = plikarigxo.
  • Fall (in price) = malplikarigxo.
  • Decline (in price) = malplikarigxo.
  • And oh! if it would only be just one-third less in price!!
  • Reduced in price from $2.50 to $2.00 a volume.
  • Reduced in price from $2.00 to $1.50 a volume.
  • Reduced in price from $2.50 to $1.50 a volume.
  • New Books and Books reduced in price.
  • Difference in Price 255 III.
  • A bit in price.
  • But they were merciful to him and only took the difference in price.
  • Another matter to be considered in this connection is the variation in price.
  • When made it was filled with treasures of art not to be measured in price.
  • And it is not alone because the voyage is long and the freights low in price.
  • The increase in product is likely to be followed by a fall in price.
  • They are reasonable in price and cover every possible field.
  • These differences in price are put to account between the parties concerned.
  • Eggs might go up in price for the remainder of the world, but not for her.
  • Land in these counties varies from ten to twenty-five dollars an acre in price.
  • They are used by all classes, and vary in price from a halfpenny to one pound.
  • It has now risen considerably in price, though still fabulously cheap.
  • The antique glasses used in stained-glass work vary in price from 1s.
  • Furs, though they diminish in number, continually rise in price.
  • Thanks to the Chinamen also, vegetables are moderate in price.
  • The Stilton was strong but mellow, as high in flavor as in price.

How To Use In Price In A Sentence?

  • The rise in price which was due to their operations is shown in the above table.
  • Land with a legitimate basis of value doubled and trebled in price between seasons.
  • Neither in quality nor in price for first-rate articles can any country compete with us.
  • They vary in price, according to the rarity of the fruits and flowers of which they are composed.
  • The raw materials and the auxiliary substances of industry were in many cases raised in price.
  • Whenever new petroleum fields are opened up, there is a corresponding drop in price.
  • They were made by men of exceptional talent, who were neither restricted in price nor material.
  • They vary in price according to size, and the means by which the flow of water is controlled.
  • These articles are rising in price from year to year, so that they fetch two and three per cent.
  • Bread was, of course, one of the main staples of the people, and it was rising in price.
  • A more important point is, that a cheap rod is always a dear rod, in price alone.
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