In Prison In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Prison | In Prison Sentence

  • She is not in prison.
  • Bruslart is not in prison.
  • He is in prison there.
  • Said she not that he was in prison and was sick?
  • Your king is in prison.
  • He was not in prison dress.
  • He was put in prison.
  • Bruneau died in prison.
  • They will put me in prison.
  • Put his son in prison?
  • I have visited him that is sick and in prison.
  • Many of them languished and died in prison.
  • She would be put in prison.
  • Furthermore, we are in prison.
  • I suppose he is still in prison.
  • I had now been over eleven months in prison.
  • We have been in prison long enough.
  • Longer to lie in prison shades.
  • I was nineteen years in prison.
  • When he did, he was in prison.
  • His father had died in prison.
  • She cannot go on living in prison.
  • Are there so few idiots that are unhappy in prison?
  • Now he is in trouble-in prison.
  • Cruelty shown to debtors in prison.
  • Will he ever find himself in prison?
  • A quarter of a century in prison!
  • I was sick and in prison and ye visited me.
  • It seems he has been in prison ever since.
  • How will he like feeding vermin in prison!
  • He has been especially blessed in prison work.
  • Cranmer remained still alive and in prison.
  • I decided to write such a book while in prison.
  • He spent several years in prison.
  • Men in prison for having an opinion . .

How To Use In Prison In A Sentence?

  • Players can rescue a prisoner by touching her in prison.
  • For three weeks my mistress remained in prison.
  • I have lain in prison for nearly two years.
  • We are honest men though we have been shut up in prison.
  • He spent a large part of his life in prison.
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