In Progress In A Sentence

How To Use In Progress In A Sentence?

  • October 31st, 1898, the monthly muster was in progress.
  • North of Tlamcz an attack is also in progress.
  • In the next block a "turkey-shoot" is in progress.
  • Yet I wondered what evil work was in progress.
  • The last of the Napoleonic wars was also in progress.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Progress | In Progress Sentence

  • Such is actually in progress.
  • Great operations are now in progress.
  • The sacking was in progress.
  • Such is the revolution now in progress.
  • A perfect exodus was in progress.
  • Something else than storm was in progress.
  • We were not told that a strike was in progress.
  • On the 24th the retreat was in progress.
  • The supper was soon in progress.
  • All of these magazines are still in progress.
  • A heavy cannonade was in progress.
  • An investigation of these cases is in progress.
  • Already the artillery duel is in progress.
  • Something of importance was evidently in progress.
  • Find branches where this conflict is in progress.
  • Some of the races were over, some were in progress.
  • It looks as though an execution were in progress.
  • I saw frantic signalling in progress.
  • He found there was a dinner-party in progress.
  • Research on nuts is in progress in many places.
  • A big party was evidently in progress.
  • A miniature battle seemed to be in progress.
  • Something extraordinary was certainly in progress therein.
  • That is, changes are everywhere in progress.
  • Worse than that, shedding is often in progress.
  • Our illustration shows the latter attack in progress.
  • Meanwhile, battle had been in progress elsewhere.
  • What fresh crooked business could there be in progress?
  • A few hours later a real reunion was in progress.
  • A wise diplomacy conceals these things whilst in progress.
  • At the table beyond the usual faro game was in progress.
  • Reprint of complete works in progress, ed.
  • On the long bridge, terrible fighting was now in progress.
  • For, far below we could see that a battle was in progress.
  • A cheer fire was in progress, and a noisy one at that.
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