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  • Marvell was in Rome about 1645.
  • Meanwhile he was supposed to be in Rome.
  • Why then did she remain in Rome at all?
  • She bought them in Rome.
  • In Rome they were very common.
  • We are in Rome you see.
  • Scepticism was not unknown in Rome.
  • In Rome they all knew me.
  • Died in Rome in 1558.
  • He spent some time in Rome.
  • Should he stay in Rome and fight it out?
  • There was goodness even in Rome.
  • We shall meet in Rome?
  • These tortures were not known in Rome.
  • Imperia possessed a house in Rome.
  • Meanwhile, they were in Rome.
  • Even in Rome there were honest men then.
  • They have beautiful fountains in Rome.
  • Our sojourn in Rome was lively with incident.
  • Our drawback in Rome relates to books.
  • There was great joy in Rome over this success.
  • In Rome, they were unrestrained.
  • And this was the first temple that was dedicated in Rome.
  • Liberty in Rome, 121.
  • No such genius had yet arisen in Rome.
  • I related an incident which happened in Rome.
  • A few days afterward there was great joy in Rome.
  • The public mind in Rome was violently disturbed.
  • And they lived together in Rome for many years.
  • We talked a little about the great changes in Rome.
  • Everybody turned out to greet us when we arrived in Rome.
  • That event made him the first man in Rome.
  • Cesario in Rome may be taken as additional examples.
  • One has to wink at a good many things in Rome.
  • In 1911-1912 they spent the winter in Rome.

How To Use In Rome In A Sentence?

  • She and her two beautiful daughters are in danger in Rome.
  • There is only one royalty that may live in Rome.
  • What is it makes the peculiar pleasure of society in Rome?
  • Guests are rarities, at the hostelry in Rome.
  • In Rome, it will buy beauty and magnificence.

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