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How To Use In Service In A Sentence?

  • Your compartment is a half or a quarter or an eighth of the oldest car in service on the road.
  • One only of our memorable nine is now in service, and long may he serve the community!
  • In default of a better term, we have called this protection of intercourse in service.
  • But his thoughts were not his own, and his pose when not in service was listless, even bored.
  • Other black men led noble lives in service, if we can trust the records on their tombstones.
  • Twice she sank, under excessive loading, and twice she was again raised and replaced in service.
  • The young woman in service gets a short holiday, and comes to visit her father and mother.
  • Men, who in the conventional days of peace rarely met, have joined hands in service.
  • An aeroplane squadron nominally consists of 18 aeroplanes (9 in service, 9 remounts).
  • On his return home, he was engaged in service against the Indians, with the title of colonel.
  • Then a final vision appeared before our eyes: a group of French officers in service uniform.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For In Service | In Service Sentence

  • Claim your freedom in service.
  • He has grown cynical in service.
  • In service of lofty ideal.
  • Dispatch in service pleases sovereigns.
  • The device was never put in service.
  • I asked a pension as having been wounded in service.
  • There must be loyalty, which finds expression in service.
  • Nineteen of these units are now in service in France.
  • He, too, is a hero who is conquering sorrow in service.
  • A few of the Wyandotts are in service ...
  • He was wounded in service, and I am much attached to him.
  • They were conquering sorrow in service, thank God.
  • Is he in service here, or what? LOOE.
  • I've been in service in good houses.
  • And that the desire of each must be to excel the other in service.
  • So he's also in service.
  • With all that money he could not hope to stay on in service.
  • Officers and soldiers alike receive pay only while in service.
  • There were nearly 250,000 of them in service in the last war.
  • If they are unfaithful in service or if they abuse confidence; 3.
  • He was attentive in service, and waited upon the believers with all his heart.
  • She was his nurse and late confidante a tearless woman, rigid in service.
  • He did so, with his usual alacrity in service, and soon found it.
  • The writing-table was splashed with old ink, and the pen disheveled in service.
  • About the time when I was confirmed she was in service with my parents.
  • Remember that variety in service, as in tactics and general play, is essential.
  • The classification of officers was: In service.
  • But there's squalor in Service work, too.
  • Box cars, flat cars, some new, others dilapidated, were in service.
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